Petpets are small items you give to your Neopet. You can name them, talk to them, and use them in the Petpet Battle game. Petpets come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, some more rare than others.

Petpet Uses

Petpets can be used for many things, including battling. They can be cute, scary, odd, fuzzy, scaly, even slimy! Here are all the things Petpets can be used for.


When you visit Darigan Citadel, there is a kind of Battledome you can enter your Petpet into, the Petpet Arena. The pet that has the Petpet you want to battle with has to be your active pet.

Leveling Up

After every ten battles won, you will level up. The more you level up, the more powerful your Petpet gets, and the easier leveling up gets.


There are only three attacks you can use in the Petpet Arena. They are Body Slam, Head Shot, and Shield. Head Shot is when your Petpet attacks the opponent's head. Body Slam is when your Petpet launches their entire body at the opponent. Shield is when your Petpet uses magic to protect their body. Sometimes, your health will go up, or your opponent's health will go down.


If you click on your Petpet's image, you'll enter the Petpet screen. You can rename it, return it to your inventory, or talk to it there. If you talk to it, it will reply with a Petpet sound. For instance, if you talk to a Scarabug, it might buzz at you. If you talk to a Kadoatie, it will probably meow or bite you.

List of Petpets

See List of Petpets

Petpet Screen

As mentioned above, the Petpet screen is where you perform most actions with Petpets. Here are all the functions of that screen.


See Talking section.

Information Column

The information column is a section with information about your pet's Petpet.

Petpet Name

This section is where you can name or rename your Petpet. Your Petpet starts with the name 'No Name'. If you want to rename your pet, delete that name and type in the name you want for your Petpet.

Petpet Species

In this section, your Petpet's species is told. For instance, if you have a Kadoatie, it will say Kadoatie.

Petpet Level

The Petpet level is what it says-your Petpet's level. You can raise your Petpet's your level by battling in the Petpet Arena.


This shows your Petpet's age in hours. You can calculate how many days that is by dividing it by 24.

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