(Pĕ·trå') The first Crystal Chief sprouted from the soil of Point Island – the central spire of the Zera T’chillah impact crater. It is postulated that prior to its introduction on Equinox the paternal Sequoia species – on Earth known as Metasequoia – was not sentient. Sentience evolved within Sequoia adeptus as a result of Petrah and its germination at the confluence of the strongest electromagnetic and electrogravitic forces on the surface of Enochii. Another contributing factor to sentience was Point Island and its geologic composition. The impact of Zera T’chillah drew certain trace elements from the geologic substrata and mixed them into the soil in which Petrah and the subsequent generations of Sequoia adeptus flourished.

The crystalline remnant of Petrah stands 2,700 meters tall in the center of Mishkan Tsipporen. It is surrounded by its ten direct descendants. The eleven crystalline spires are collectively known as the Crystal Chiefs.

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