The Phasma leaving the drydock

The Phasma is the flagship of the Dominion Navy as well as being under direct command of Lord Tepe, staying near him at almost all times. It was originally designed after the Mandalorian Lictor-class dungeon ship, known as an Imperial prison ship used especially to transport Jedi during the Great Jedi Purge. Tepe managed to secure himself a set of blueprints and then let his engineers start their work on them befoe giving the green light for it. It turned out to have been extended from it's original 1,000 meter lenght into an 18 kilometer giant, armed to the teeth and having an entire city within itself for the amusement of the crew. It would need tens of thousands of people to keep it going and the Sith Dominion could not afford such large numbers of people to be spent on one ship, so the problem was solved by designing a droid that looked much like the ancient Sith species. The droids utilized the latest technology in AI and kept the ship in a good shape while all tasks were eventually supervised by sentient officers. There are a total of five bridges on the ship, four of them being lesser bridges. One for mechanical, one for weapons, one for fleet control and one for field control. These four are overseen by the Main Bridge, a structure much like the one on a Star Destroyer with a pit. The only exception there is actually that the pit has been raised a bit and there is only half of a bridge to the window with a chair in the middle of it for the Lord. Ontop of the Main Bridge is a large hidden garden, a sanctuary of sorts for the Lord for his meditation sessions. The garden was heavily shielded as well as having a huge transparisteel dome over it.

It is unknown when the ship was taken out of service, but it was afterwards replaced by the Mjolnir and converted into a mobile Academy for all branches of the Armed Forces, including the Dominion Guards.

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