Phazon is a fictional element in the Metroid Prime games. It has not yet featured in the 2D Metroid games. It originates from the planet Phaaze.


Phazon is a radioactive blue element that is highly corrosive and has mutagenic properties. Its origins are unknown. Phazon injures Samus if she touches it, unless she is wearing the Phazon Suit. There is special orange Phazon found in the Impact Crater on Tallon IV, which is so volatile that it will even eat through the Phazon Suit.

Dark Samus and Phazon

Dark Samus has a need for Phazon to sustain herself after her defeat in the first game as Metroid Prime. She frequently attacks the Space Pirates for their Phazon supply, and has begun launching Phazon meteors, called Leviathans, into planets.

Space Pirates and Phazon

The Space Pirates' quest for Phazon is the subplot of the Metroid Prime subseries. In Metroid Prime, the Pirates find Phazon on Tallon IV and exploit its properties to make mutated Pirates known as Elite Pirates. One Pirate is further corrupted as is known as a Phazon Elite. One of these becomes even stronger and is a boss enemy, the Omega Pirate. In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, the Pirates coincidentally stumble upon more Phazon on Aether after Samus ruined their Tallon IV operation. However, Dark Samus begins attacking the Pirates for their Phazon, and initially the Pirates mistake the dark hunter for the real Samus and are confused as to why she wants Phazon. Samus again ruins the Pirates' plans.

In Metroid Prime 3

Phazon plays its biggest role in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. The Space Pirates have formed an alliance with Dark Samus for Phazon. The Pirates have perfected their Phazon mutation program and have given all the Pirates Phazon armor. Dark Samus corrupts Samus and several other hunters with Phazon, and they are given special PED (Phazon Enhancement Device) Suits to control the Phazon. The Galactic Federation Marines also use PED Suits based off the Space Pirate design. Samus can call on her Phazon abilities to enter Hyper Mode, where she gains powerful Phazon-based abilities but can die as a result of misuse. After destroying the Leviathans on Bryyo, Elysia, and the Pirate homeworld, Samus tracks the source of Phazon to the planet Phaaze. There, she kills Dark Samus and Aurora Unit 313, causing Phaaze to explode and eliminating all Phazon from the galaxy.

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