Phil DeVille is a character from Rugrats. He is Lil DeVille's twin brother and a good friend of Tommy. Like his twin sister, he is voiced by Kath Soucie.


  • Age: 16 years old (physically), 33 years old (mentally)
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Clothing: Pink Undershirt, Green Shirt, Blue Pants, White Socks, Blue Shoes
  • Family: Betty (Mother), Howard (Father), Lil (Sister)
  • Friends: Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, Lil, Dil Pickles, Kimi Wantanabe Finster, Susie Carmichael
  • Enemies: Angelica Pickles, Timmy McNulty, Teddy McNulty, Terry McNulty, Ty McNulty, Todd McNulty, Tommy Pickles (Troodon105's version only), Chuckie Finster (Troodon105's version only), Kimi Wantanabe Finster (Troodon105's version only)



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