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  • Grandpa Flynn: Congratulations, You did it!
  • Phineas: Did what?
  • Grandpa Flynn: Why, Earn your survivalist medals of course. Only a hardcore survivalist would nearly break down and eat his best bro.
  • Ferb: And for what particular reason do you care we're survivalists?
  • Grandpa Flynn:*cackle* 'Cuz I'm not really your grandfather...*Isabella's voice" I'm..
  • Tears costume off*
  • Isabella: Isabella Garcia Shapiro, Survivalist Extraordinaire!
  • Phineas: Isabella?!
  • Isabella: It wasn't an accident you guys got lost. I was just testing your survivalist skills.
  • Phineas: You planned this?
  • Isabella: Yep and Congratulations, You both pass. Here are your survivalist medals.
  • Phineas: Awesome! It's great we got our badges, Ferb. But I'm still hungry.
  • Ferb: As Am I.
  • They Look at Isabella*
  • Isabella(Backing away): Guys? Wha'cha doin'? Guys?
  • Phineas: EAT OR BE EATEN!
  • Isabella:*SCREAMS* Next time I'll bring more Fireside Cupcakes!

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