Phineas Flynn's Grand Adventure: The Search for Irving is a parody animated movie with Phineas and Ferb clips and Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin audio.


Phineas Flynn as Winnie the Pooh

Candace Flynn as Rabbit

Ferb Fletcher as Piglet

Perry the Platypus as Tigger

Baljeet as Eeyore

Major Monogram as Owl

Irving as Christopher Robin


'Once upon the last day of a golden summer...'

A black and white image of a street in Danville is shown. The image brightens and shows colour, and Danville citizens walk in opposite directions.

Narrator: Once upon the last day of a golden summer, there was a boy...

Phineas walks on screen and walks through the street gleefully.

Narrator: ...And his idol. The boy, who we will meet in a moment, was called Irving. His idol, was called Phineas Flynn.

Close up on Phineas.

Narrator: Together, they had many grand adventures in a remarkable city called Danville.

Camera swerves down to Phineas' feet, water falls from a drain pipe and his reflection is seen in the water as it slithers down the curb and into a sewer gate.

Narrator: But the grandest and most extraordinary of all their adventures... was still to begin.

'Phineas Flynn's Grand Adventure: The Search for Irving'

Phineas walks into Danville Park and climbs over a log.

Phineas Flynn: Today, I believe, is a good day for being Phineas.

He skips a flat stone across the lake.

Phineas: Dum-Dee-Dum-Dee-Dum-Dum. [Humming]

Phineas walks under a the biggest tree of all.

Phineas: And here, I must say, is a good place for being Phineas.

He climbs up the tree.

Phineas: Dum-Dee-Dum-Dum-Dum-Dum-Dum

He climbs to the closes branch and sits on it.

Phineas: Any reason that I think of, is a good one for being Phineas. Dum-Dee-Dum-Dum-Doo-Dum-Dum-Dum. [Chuckling] But the very best reason of all is...

Irving: Phineas!

Phineas turns his head towards the ground and sees Irving walking towards him.

Phineas: ...Being with my very best friend, Irving.

Phineas stands up on the branch.

Phineas: You are just in time for the best part of the day!

Irving: What part is that?

Phineas: The part where you and me...

He slides down the branch, back onto the ground and into Irving.

Phineas: ...Become 'We'.

They both stand up, but Irving doesn't look as happy as Phineas.

Irving: Phineas, there's something I have to tell you.

Phineas is distracted by a butterfly.

Phineas: Is it something nice?

Irving: Not exactly.

Phineas: Then it can wait.

Phineas chases after the butterfly, and into the distance.

Irving: It can? For how long?

Phineas: For ever and ever.

Irving walks after Phineas.

Irving: Forever, and ever is a really long time, Phineas.

Phineas: [Chuckling]

Irving turns around and sees Phineas standing on a log.

Phineas: Forever isn't long at all, when I'm with you.

He runs along the log smiling and Irving chases after him.

Phineas: I wanna call your name, forever. And you will always answer, forever.

Irving finally reaches the end of the log and looks inside it.

Phineas: And both of us will be...

Phineas pops out of a hole on top of the log and Irving looks as Phineas surprised.

Phineas: Forever, you and me, Forever and Ever.

Irving shakes his head at Phineas with a smile; Phineas pushes himself out of the hole and runs away again. Irving chases after him again.

Irving: I wanna stay like this, Forever.

Irving soon comes across three short logs and looks in all of them.

Irving: If only I could promise, forever. And then we could just be 'We'. Forever, you and me.

Phineas and Irving: Forever and Ever.

Irving looks around.

Irving: Forever and Ever is a very long time, Phineas.

Phineas runs across the screen in a log

Phineas: [Chuckles] Forever isn't long at all...

Irving sees him and chases after him.

Phineas: ...When I'm with you.

They both run onto a raft on the lake and set sail.

Phineas: I wanna be with you, forever. I want you right here, beside me, forever.

Irving: There's one thing you should know, no matter where I go, we'll always be together.

Phineas gets out of the log, bends forward with his arms spread out, and Irving holds onto his waist (This is obviously a parody of the Titanic)

Phineas and Irving: Forever and Ever.

The camera zooms out.

Narrator: And so they stayed together, doing everything a boy and his idol could do, and when the day began to end, Irving had quite forgotten he still had something to tell Phineas.

That night, Phineas and Irving return to the tree where they met.

Irving: Phineas, there's one thing we didn't do.

Phineas: And what thing might that be?

Irving: Oh, nothing.

Phineas: Nothing?

Phineas and Irving climb up onto the highest branch on the tree.

Phineas: Irving, what exactly is 'Doing Nothing'?

Irving: Well, I'm told, going along, listening to all the things you can't hear, and not bothering. It's when people say, "What are you two doing?" and then we say, "Oh, nothing." And we do it. This is sort of a 'nothing' thing we're doing right now.

Irving's happy face turns into a sad face.

Irving: [Sighs] I wish it could last forever.

Phineas: Then we must do it again tomorrow, and the tomorrow after, and the tomorrow following that.

Irving puts on a sad face.

Irving: Phineas, what if someday, there came a tomorrow when we wre apart?

Phineas is distracted by a couple of fireflies and chase them up the tree until he reaches the highest branch, he is followed by Irving.

Phineas: As long as we're apart together, we shall certainly be fine.

Irving: Yes, yes, of course. But if we weren't together, if I were... somewhere else?

Phineas: Oh, but you really couldn't be, as I would be quite lost without you. Who would I call on those days when I'm just not strong enough? Or even brave enough?

Irving: Well, actually...

Phineas: And who would I ask for advice when I didn't know which way to turn?

Irving: Phineas, we...

Phineas: 'We' certainly wouldn't be.

Phineas starts yawning, and Irving shakes his head at him with a smile.

Irving: Oh, Phineas.

Phineas stops and sits against the tree, and Irving soon arrives; sits in front of him and looks at Phineas with a sorry look.

Irving: If ever there's a tomorrow when we're not together, there's something you must remember.

Phineas starts looking really tired and yawns again.

Phineas: [Yawns] And what might that be, Irving?

Irving: You're braver than you believe and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.

Phineas: Oh, that's easy. [Clears Throat] We're braver than a bee and longer than a tree and taller than a goose... or was it a moose? [Laughs]

Irving: [Laughs with Phineas]

Phineas closes his eyes and yawns.

Irving: No, silly old boy. You're braver than you believe and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.

Phineas starts falling asleep.

Irving points his finger out at some fireflies, and they fly onto his finger.

Irving: But the most important thing is...

He puts the fireflies between Phineas's hands.

Irving: Even if we're apart, I will always be with you.

Phineas falls fast asleep.

Irving: I will always be with you. (Repeats until screen fades to black)

The next morning at the Flynn-Fletcher house, the leaves on the tree in the backyard are orange and some of the leaves fall and blow in the wind. A few of the leaves blow through Phineas and Ferb's bedroom window. Inside, the two boys are asleep in their beds and the leaves float on Phineas's nose

Phineas: [Snore] Braver than a bee [Snore] Lonely when we dream. [Snore] Hum-Dee-Da-Dee-Dum. [Snore] La-Dee-La-Dee-Dee. [Snore and Chuckles] Hello, Irving, [Yawns] I can't seem to remember... can't seem to remember...

He opens his eyes and sits up as the leaves fall into his arms. He smiles excitedly as he looks at them.

Phineas: It's autumn?

He hops out of bed and runs and looks through the window with a big smile as he sees all the trees with orange leaves; some of the leaves are falling faster and faster.

Phineas: It is! It's the first day of Autumn!

He throws the leaves in his arms into the air.

Phineas: Woohoo! It's Autumn! He tries to shakes Ferb violently and gets dressed off screen.

Phineas: Wake up, Ferb! It's Autumn!

Ferb: [Snoring amd Clicks Tongue] Just five more minutes, mom.

Ferb pulls his cover further up his body.

When dressed, Phineas runs passed Candace's room. Candace steps out of her room in her pyjamas, looking very grumpy.

Candace: Hey, what's all the racket?! I'm trying to get some sleep!

Phineas: Morning, Candace! Guess what: It's Autumn!

He slides down the stair banister.

Candace: Yeah. So, what's the big deal?

Phineas runs into the kichen.

Phineas: It means hot-chocolatey mornings, and toasty marshmellow evenings...

He runs through the backdoor, past Perry (who is asleep in his basket), into the backyard and towards the tree which has a huge pile of leaves underneath it.

Phineas: ...And best of all... jumping into leaves!

He jumps into the leaves, but lands on something hard and looks underneath him to see a small tool box with a letter taped to the lid. Phineas stands up and examines it.

Phineas: Aw, someone's left a tool box, all alone and lonely...

He starts looking sorry for it.

Phineas: ...With no one to care fot it.

He thinks for a moment and then clicks his fingers and smiles.

Phineas: Then, I suppose...

Phineas opens it, and the letter on top splashes into the mud on the ground; takes out a spanner.

Phineas: ...I should take it. After all, I have a great idea for another invention, and with these tools...

He shakes his head.

Phineas: No, I couldn't. This might still belong to someone, although, just as easily not.

Phineas scratches his head.

Phineas: Hmm... Come on, Phineas! Think! Oh, what should I do?

He stops scratching his head, puts the spanner back in the tool box, closes it (the letter is covered in mud) and carries it.

Phineas: I believe, when a question is this sticky, I should ask my very good friend, Irving.

He walks off with the tool box. Later, he reaches the tree where he and Irving met yesterday and looks around the tree anxiously.

Phineas: Irving? Are you here? Are you there? Are you... anywhere?

Later that morning, Phineas barges into his bedroom and runs towards Ferb's bed.

Phineas: Ferb! Wake up! Ferb! Irving is gone!

When he reaches Ferb's bed, he soon sees that Ferb is gone.

Phineas: Oh, no! Not you too!

[Rustling leaves] Phineas looks out of the window, alarmed by what he sees, walks outside through the back door, into the backyard and looks up the tree.

Phineas: Why, Ferb, whatever are you doing...

Ferb is climbing up the branches towards the highest branch.

Phineas: ...Up there?

Ferb: I'm doing just what Irving said I should do: I'm going to look my fear of heights right in the face and conquer it!

The branch he is on nearly snaps, and Ferb stares straight down.

Ferb: That is, if it doesn't conquer me first.

Ferb is terrified and holds onto the branch with his legs and covers his eyes.

Ferb: Irving!


Phineas: Are you looking for him too?

Perry: [Chattering]

Perry the Platypus leaps on Phineas from the behind, and after many tumbling and turning, they finally stop and Perry stands on Phineas, who is lying on the ground.

Chorus: Agent P!

Perry: Morning, Phineas! [Laughing] What's up?

Phineas: Morning, Perry! Ferb is up.

Phineas points up and Perry looks up.

The branch is starting to break even more.

Ferb: Help!


Perry helps Phineas get back up.

Perry: Oh, relax, Ferb old pal. There's no difference between falling a thousand feet to the jagged rocks below and tumbling out of bed.

Ferb starts calming down and takes his hands away from his eyes.

Ferb: Oh, really?

Perry: Of course! [Laughs and then Clears Throat] Uh... apart from the splat at the end, they're practically similar.

Ferb looks worried again and covers his eyes again.

Ferb: Irving!

Perry scratches under his beak.

Perry: Hmm... Clutched in the throat of terror, eh? Well, I guess I'd better get up there and bring him back down!

He takes many steps back.

Perry: Stand back! This is gonna take a world record run!

[Perry the Platypus Theme Instrumental] Perry runs towards the tree and jumps up towards Ferb, but only gets as far as the sixth branch up. [Music slows] As Perry climbs up the tree, various branches that he is holding keep on snapping, causing some acorns to fall down everytime a branch snaps; Phineas watches the action as Perry looks fed up.

Perry: What is the matter with me?! Being a second-rate secret agent is not what platypuses like best!

Perry continues climbing up the tree, while in the background, in Candace's garden, Candace is wearing a flower-decorated bonnet and gardening gloves, and is struggling to pull a carrot out of the soil.

Candace: [Straining]

Candace continues pulling the carrot back more and more until it remoulds to it's original state and pulls Candace with it; she falls into her wheelbarrow.

Candace: [Screaming]

She stands up and looks serious at the carrot.

Candace: It doesn't matter if you think you're not ripe!

She picks up a book from the wheelbarrow.

Candace: This is Candace's garden and Candace does her harvesting by the book!

Candace shows to the carrot. The title on the cover says: 'The Teenaged-Girl's Garden Companion', and she opens the book.

Candace: And as it says: [clears throat] 'A carrot should be...

Back at the tree, Perry is still climbing up it towards Ferb, while Phineas watches, looking bored. There are many acorns on the ground.

Perry: [Straining] Almost there, Ferby! Don't panic!

Suddenly, Ferb's branch snaps and Ferb falls towards Perry.

Perry and Ferb: [Screaming]

Cut to Phineas, who covers his eyes so that he cannot see the pain that Ferb and Perry are going through.

Ferb and Perry: [Groaning and Complaining]

They both crash to the ground with Perry at the bottom.

Perry: Well, that went well.

Suddenly, millions of acorns start falling out of the tree, and Phineas, Ferb and Perry stare up at the tree.

Phineas, Ferb and Perry: Uh, oh!

Cut to Candace, who is still reading her book to the carrot in the soil.

Candace: And finally, 'The first day of Autumn always means that it is... (Grits teeth together) Harvest Day.'! (Closes book) Any questions?

Phineas: Look out!

Candace: Yes, yes. The ruttabegga in the back row, 'look out' what?

The ground shakes and she sees a tidal wave of acorns rapidly flowing towards her. Phineas, Ferb and Perry are caught in it.

Candace: [Screaming]

Candace becomes caught in the tidal wave as well, and the acorns crash through the wooden fence and various neighbors' backyards.

Candace: [Continues Screaming]

Phineas: Look out for the acorns! Sorry about the fence! Don't worry we'll fix that! Ooh, that doesn't look so good!

In Baljeet's backyard, Baljeet is putting in the last piece of his latest invention.

Baljeet: Okay, just one more piece, and my latest invention, whatever it is, will be completed!

The ground shakes again, and the acorn tidal wave, carrying Phineas, Ferb, Candace and Perry, quickly moves towards Baljeet and his invention.

Candace: [Still screaming]

Phineas: Watch out, Baljeet!

Baljeet steps in front of his invention.

Baljeet: Nooooooo!

The acorn tidal wave finally stops, and the ground is covered with acorns. Baljeet is under a pile of them, but his invention sits next to him, unharmed.

Baljeet: Phew! Thank goodness, I thought my 'Whatever It Is' was...

An avalanche of acorns fall on top of it, and Baljeet depresses.

Baljeet: [Sighs] All well, easy come, easy go.

Another acorn falls down, but this time, it hits Baljeet's head. Everyone else is spread all over the backyard, Ferb is on top of a small pile of acorns, Perry is stuck in a hole in the fence, Candace is laid over a puddle of acorns, but Phineas is lying on the soft grass next to Candace. Phineas and Candace stand up, but Candace slips on the acorns and falls down, she tries again and vice versa.

Phineas: Excuse me, Candace, but would you happen to have an... an... um... Irving about you?

Candace: No, I haven't seen him!

Phineas: Oh, bother. He isn't where he should be, and wasn't where we were; and seems not to be anywhere. Well, could you tell me whose tool box is this?

Candace finally stands up without falling over.

Canadce: Well, it isn't mine, and I don't have time! It's Harvest Day! Says so in the book! I have carrots to cut, pumpkinsto pick, peas to pod...

Perry jumps on screen, takes the tool box out of Phineas's hands and lands on top of Canadce, knocking her over again.

Perry: [Chattering]

Candace: [Screams]

Perry: Well, of course it's mine! It's got my name written all over it:

He opens the tool box, picks out a wrench and licks it like an ice cream.

Perry: P-E-Double R...

Perry suddenly sees that he is lick a wrench, and looks disgusted.

Perry: Tools?! (Spits and Shakes his Tongue) Platypuses do not like tools!

He drops the tool box on Candace's face with a slam and walks off of her. Candace struggles to push the tool box off of her face due to it's heavy weight. Her face is as flat as a pancake.

Baljeet: It isn't mine. Then again, few things are.

Baljeet depresses. Candace walks towards Phineas, struggling to carry the heavy tool box.

Candace: [Mumbling]

Candace gives Phineas the tool box.

Candace: Here! [Groaning]

She tries to turn her face 3D again.

Phineas: If only I could find Irving. He would know what to do.

Canace's face turns 3D again and rips the muddy note off the tool box.

Candace: Why don't you check the note and find out?!

She sticks it on Phineas's face. Phineas takes the note off his face and looks at it.

Phineas: A note! Why, Candace, how clever of you! [Chuckles] I will just read it.

He tries to read the note, but has difficulties.

Phineas: Or would. If I could. Perhaps you can Candace? After all, you are older than me.

Candace frowns at the camera and takes the note.

Candace: Huh! I can read this with my eyes closed! [Chuckles]

The others look hopeful. Candace attampts to read the note.

Candace: It says... [Clears Throat] Yu way oo egno... uh... bu woo hoo he nu clee um hoom yoo boo goo moo gum ber er bum ner ya cam yow!

She looks at the others with an embarresed smile. But they look at Candace with blank expressions.

Ferb: Hmm... maybe the note's in latin.

Candace: [Sighs] Well, I could have read it if Perry didn't leap on me!

Later at O.W.C.A. (Organization Without a Cool Acronym), Major Monogram is attempting to read the note while Candace, Ferb, Phineas, Perry and Baljeet watch patiently. Major Monogram: 'Tar'? 'Jar'?

He dusts the dried mud off of one of the words with a brush, showing the word 'far'.

Major Monogram: Oh! Far! 'Dear Phineas', it begins, 'Worry about... me. I'm... going... far away. Help!'. And the note is signed, 'Shirley'?

He takes out a magnifying glass and uses it to read the note.

Major Monogram: Oh! Irving!

The others are shocked.

Candace: Irving?!

Ferb: Going far away? Oh, what a frightful thought!

Candace goes mad, but Phineas's expression is completely blank.

Candace: Why?! When?! Who authorised it?!

Perry: When will we get the strength to go on with out him?! [Crying]

He hugs Candace tightly.

Phineas: Irving?

They all turn their attention to Phineas, who is starig miserably out of the window towards the biggest tree in Danville Park.

Phineas: My very best, best friend? It simply cannot be!

A tear drops down from his eye.

Phineas: [Sniffling] Whatever will I do?

Ferb, Perry and Baljeet walk towards Phineas, and Ferb gives him a handkerchief. Phineas blows his nose on it.

Phineas: Thanks, pal.

He is still depressed.

Ferb: I was wandering, Phineas, perhaps, until Irving comes back, I might possibly be your best, best friend?

Ferb smiles.

Perry: [Crying] And when Ferb gets sick of ya...

Perry hugs Baljeet tighhtly, squeezing Baljeet to death.

Perry: ...We can take over.

Phineas: Oh, thank you.

They all hug together. Baljeet is squashed in the middle.

Baljeet: [Gasping for Breath]

Phineas: But you already are the very best of my best friends.

They stop hugging, and Baljeet drops to the ground.

Phineas: You see, you and I can do anything.

He saddens again.

Phineas: But only Irving and I could do... nothing.

Ferb hugs Phineas sadly.

Perry and Baljeet look at them with lowered eyebrows.

Perry: (Whispers to Baljeet) Poor boy. His brain has half-gone with grief.

Major Monogram: Ah-Ha! I've discovered where he went! Ha ha!

Monogram rubs his sleeve on the magnifying glass and uses it to read the note.

Major Monogram: 'O', another 'O' and...

He is shocked by what he sees, drops his magnifying glass and puts his back towards the wall.

Major Monogram: Great googly moogly!

He runs around locking the doors and closing the curtains while Phineas runs around after him.

Phineas: What is it, Mr. Monogram? Where is it?

Major Monogram: Somewhere bad, I fear!

Phineas: How bad?

Major Monogram: On a scale of one to ten...

He turns the lights on, and everything turns pitch black.

Major Monogram: ...It's not good!

The lamps turn on, which creates a mixed yellow and black shadow over everything. Monogram uses his magnifying glass to read the note.

Major Monogram: He has gone to... 'S', 'C', 'H', 'O', 'O', 'L'! [Gasps] SKULL!

Phineas and Ferb look at each other unscared.

Phineas: Skull? What sort of place is that?

Major Monogram: Well... um... from the very sound of it, one can tell it is a most forbidding and far away place!

Monogram gives Phineas the not back.

Phineas: Then we must help Irving! Help him get back! To here and us and me!

Monogram looks excited.

Major Monogram: Then it's a quest, is it? Ha ha! That's the spirit!

He looks through the files in the drawers.

Major Monogram: Ooh! The nobility of it! A long and dangerous journey through the great unknown!

He gets out a pen and an A2 piece of paper.

Major Monogram: Of course, you will need a map.

Ferb: Dangerous?

Monogram sits at his desk, puts the piece of paper on his desk and picks up his pen as the others watch him up close.

Ferb: Mr Monogram, you wouldn't suppose we would meet any... [Gulps] Aliens?

Major Monogram: Oh, thank you! I nearly forgot! Thousands of Aliens!

He draws on the map, while Ferb looks terrified.

Major Monogram: Down here, I fancy, in the south-east corner of the far west portion.

Perry: What about... W... W... Werewolves?

Major Monogram: Werewolves! Wonderful!

Phineas: Vampires?

Major Monogram: Oh, just a dozen or three! Here, there and yonder! Not to mention the fatal Skullosaurus!

The others huddle in terror.

Perry: S... Skullo... s... s... saurus?

Monogram steps away from his desk and steps in front of the five friends.

Major Monogram: Oh, come, come, come! Without a monster or two, it's hardly a quest! Merely a few kids and a platypus wondering about! Oh, I envy you! Not everyone has the chance to face the unspeakable terrors of the great unkown!

A spotlight shines on them.

Major Monogram: [Singing] Today's the day! In only a matter of moments, you'll all be on your way!

He hides behind a couch and makes shadow puppet of a horrifying monster on the wall.

Major Monogram: What lurks around the corner, not us all can say!

Ferb is terrified by the shadow puppet and hides behind Phineas. The shadow puppet disappears and Monogram jumps out from behind the couch.

Major Monogram: But I can guess, the horror or less! Hidden dangers, great no less! Ah, the moment of glory is close at hand! Whee!

He throws the large map over everyonelse's heads.

Major Monogram: It's gonna be grand!

As the map comes down on top of them, the area around them turns into the map.

Major Monogram: Adventure is a Wonderful Thing!

He gives Phineas the tool box.

Major Monogram: Pack only the essentials, I'll tell you what to bring...

Monogram puts a tied bundle of objects on Phineas' back like a back pack. Ferb, Candace, Perry and Baljeet are at the top.

Major Monogram: ...Your strength, your nerve, your hearts, your wits and, for Skullosaurus attacks...

Monogram throws millions of bandages over them, and they soon become wrapped in them.

Major Monogram: ...First-Aid Kits.

He paints a few dotted lines over the map, and the others follow the lines, except Ferb.

Major Monogram: Adventure is a wood of a half!

Monogram splodges some ink onto the map, which forms into a huge ink-like monster. Ferb is terrified.

Major Monogram: You'll face unearthly dangers, and look at them and laugh!

Perry suddenly bumps into a huge claw from out of the ground, and dodges it when it swipes at him.

Major Monogram: The claws!

Baljeet walks into a tree, which grows eyes and a mouth and roars at Baljeet, showing its large teeth.

Major Monogram: The teeth!

Baljeet: [Screams]

Phineas and Candace are being chased by a large, green-eyed monster.

Candace: [Piercing Screaming]

Major Monogram: The chase, the thrill!

Cut to Monogram who is dancing in front of all the chaos.

Major Monogram: You'll never want to come home, maybe you never will!

Montage sequence: Major Monogram is floating on water, grabbed by the throat by a skeleton-like arm, and walking through a huge snow storm.

Major Monogram: That's the beauty of adventure! It's ready to safe up float, it runs until you rag and then it grabs you by the throat! You'll struggle to survive, and though the chances are immote...

Monogram's head hops up on screen.

Major Monogram: Woo hoo!

Cut to Major Monogram with the children and Perry.

Major Monogram: Lucky you! Wish I was coming too! Adventure... is a Wonderful Thing! I almost forgot the very best part! You not only get to save your friend from the most dangerous place, namely, Skull! But the most dangerous part of the most dangerous place:...

He pulls his bottom eye lid down.

Major Monogram: The Eye of the Skull itself!

Cut to a huge skull.

Phineas backs away.

Phineas: Oh, nuts!

Major Monogram stops him.

Major Monogram: And you, General Phineas, off you go, marching high and low! Your friend awaits at the end, right here!

He lifts up the map and points at the fearsome skull on the top-right corner.

Major Monogram: Take a look, this map is perfectly clear! With your excellent sense of direction, you have nothing to fear!

Monogram twirls Phineas round and round as the location turns into a sand sink hole, and Phineas sinks through it.

Major Monogram: Through the quick sand, and the chasms!

Phineas lands on a giant terrifying looking upside-down triangle-shaped rock and stuggles to stay on top of it.

Major Monogram: Tempting fate, and fighting spasms!

Phineas is hit by a few avalanching rocks and falls off the upside-down rock.

Major Monogram: Dodging avalanching boulders, and remember...

A red, skull shaped spotlight shines on Phineas.

Major Monogram: Irving's fate rests directly on your shoulders, Phineas!

A giant-sized poster of Monogram in front of the American Flag, wearing a blue jacket and an American Flag painted top hat stands in front of Phineas. The poster says, 'We Want You!'.

Phineas: Excuse me, Major Monogram...

Major Monogram On Poster: It's up to you!

The poster suddenly tears, and Monogram appears infront of a black background and colourful fireworks and confetti, dancing with his American Flag-painted hat.

Major Monogram: That's the beauty of adventure! The trembling and the dread! I can't think of another thing I'd rather do instead!

Phineas: Perhaps you could join us?

Major Monogram pulls a lever and two trap doors under Phineas and the others open; they fall down them.

Major Monogram: No, no, you go ahead!

Outside O.W.C.A, an invisible door in the wall opens, and Baljeet, Perry, Piglet, Phineas, Candace, the map and tool box bump out of the door. Monogram runs out of the invisible door and follow the others as they walk towards Candace's car.

Major Monogram: Woo hoo! Lucky you! Tally ho! Toodle Loo! Ready now? Noble chin! Chest out! Tummy in! Take a fracas, have a fling, drop a postcard, give a ring! Get the lit out!

The kids and Perry soon start running.

Major Monogram: Time to swing, whoop-de-doo and ba-da-bing! Adventure...

They soon reach the car; Candace sits in the driver seat.

Candace: Come on, come on, come on!

Phineas, Ferb and Perry sit in the back seats, and the car screeches away. Baljeet chases after them.

Baljeet: Wait! Stop the car!

Major Monogram: a Wonderful Thing!

Baljeet catches up with the car and grabs onto the aerial.

Baljeet: [Screaming]

Phineas looks out of the window and looks behind them, seeing Major Monogram, who is waving at them.

Major Monogram: I salute you! And those of you who doomed and never return, I salute you twice!

The car continues driving into the distance.

[Music Ends]


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