Phineas Flynn's Grand Adventure: The Search for Irving Trailer/Transcript

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'Disney XD Presents' A black and white image of a street in Danville turns to colour. [Quiet, Creepy Music] Cut to Phineas on a branch in the biggest tree in Danville. Irving is at the bottom of the tree.

Phineas: You are just in time for the best part of the day!

Irving: What part is that?

Phineas: The part where you and me...

He slides down the tree and into Irving.

Phineas: ...Become 'we'.

'A Timeless Friendship...'

Phineas bends forward on a raft with his arms spread out and Irving holds Phineas's waist (Which is obviously a parody of 'The Titanic'). Cut to Phineas leaping into a pile of leaves under the tree in their backyard, only to land on a small tool box which has a note on the lid. He opens the tool box and the note splashes into a mud puddle.

'Nearly Comes To An End...'

In Danville Park, Phineas looks around the biggest tree, anxiously.

Phineas: Irving? Are you here? Are you there? Are you anywhere?

Cut to Ferb clinging onto a snapping branch on the tree in the Flynn-Fletcher Bakyard, while covering his eyes.

Ferb: Irving!

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