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Main Characters

  • Phineas as Austin Powers
  • Dr. Heinz Doofernshmirtz as Dr. Evil

​Phineas' Allies

  • Ferb as nobody but fake guy
  •  as Felicity ShagwelL
  •  norm replacement as Number 3
  • Lawrence Fletcher as Nigel Powers
  • Major Monogram as Commander Gilmour
  • Carl as General Borschevsky

​Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz's AlliesPerry the Platypus as Mini-Me (Mini-Me Turns Good)

  • Norm as Number 2
  • Vanessa as Scott Evil/Scott Powers
  • boford as Fat Bastard
  • rodrigo as Goldmember
  • Mr. Cat/Mr. Fluffypants as Mr. Bigglesworth
  • Mindy as Ivana Humpalot
  • s

Other Characters

  • Roger Doofenshmirtz as The President
  • Flawless Girl Model (from "Attack of the 50-foot Candace") as Donna D'Errico ("Melons, Big Juicy Melons!")

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