• Phineas as Darkwing Duck
  • Isabella as Liquidator
  • Ferb as Launchpad Mcquack
  • Candace as Megavolt
  • Buford as Bushroot
  • Baljeet as Gizmoduck
  • Major Monogram as Stegmutt
  • Albert as Taurus Bluba
  • Carl as Quackerjack
  • Linda Flynn as Steelbeak
  • Thaddius as Professor Molliarty
  • Thor as The Friendly Four
  • Irving as Morgana
  • Dr. Doofensmirthz as Negaduck
  • Mindy as Neptunia
  • Perry as Gosalyn
  • Mitch as Darkwarrior Duck
  • Peter the Panda as Honker
  • Vance Ward as Dr. Sarah Bellum
  • Roger Doofensmirthz as Bianca Beakley
  • Vanessa Doofensmirthz as Ammonica Pine
  • Tom Tucker from Family Guy as Splatter Phoenix
  • Diane Simmons from Family Guy as Camile
  • Dirty Bubble from Spongebob as Hammerhead
  • Head Pixie from the Fairly Oldparents as Herb
  • Trixie Tang's Dad from The Fairly Oldparents as Tuskermini
  • Mishti as Tank
  • Hello Nurse from Animaniacs as Tantaus

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