• Phineas as Ruff Ruffman 
  • Vanessa as Blossom
  • Perry the Platypus as Chet
  • Betty Jo-Flynn as Ruff's Grandma
  • Thaddeus as Scruff Ruffman

Season 1 characters

  • Jeremy as Brian
  • Holly as Taylor
  • Baljieet as Noah
  • Jenny as Anna
  • Coltrane as Khalil
  • Mindy as Julia

Season 2 characters

  • Django as Rosario
  • Ferb as Willie
  • Mishti as Nina
  • Adyson Sweetwater as Madi
  • Dave as Mike
  • Fifi as Bridget

Season 3 characters

  • Stacy as Noel
  • Danny as Jay
  • Wendy as Harsha
  • Swampy as DJ
  • Cindy as Sammy
  • Carl as Sam

Season 4 characters

  • Isabella as Talia
  • Xavier as Issac
  • Gretchen as Bethany
  • Ohio as Sterling
  • Buford as Brian
  • Melissa as Liza

Season 5 characters

  • Candace as Emmie
  • Rick as Marc
  • Sally as Rubye
  • Ginger as Shereya
  • Chad as Jay
  • Carl as Marco

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