• Phineas as Joycelyn
  • Ferb as Angelina
  • Lawrence as Dao
  • Linda as Phoung
  • Candace as Thor
  • Stacy as Lien
  • Dr.Doofensmirthz as Josephine
  • Perry as Lucky 
  • Isabella as Minnie
  • Major Monogram as Ann DinhDinh
  • Carl as Angaio
  • Pinky as Daniel
  • Baljeet as Simun
  • Buford as Jesus
  • Jeremy as Barnoi
  • Simmy as Arnoi
  • Meap as Raymond
  • Norm as Mickey
  • Vanessa as Thien
  • Suzy as Fry from Futurama
  • Mitch as Brandon
  • Roger Doofenshmirtz as Antele
  • Gretchen as Antedac
  • Holly as Angodac
  • Melissa as Nibbler from Futurama
  • Katie as Leela from Futurama
  • Irving as Amy from Futurama
  • Peter The Panda as Pal
  • Jenny as Gosalyn from Darkwing Duck
  • Robot Devil from Futurama as Lance
  • Liquidator from Darkwing Duck as Kentang
  • Wanda as Professor from Futurama
  • Ginger as Stan from American Dad
  • Charlne as Peter from Family Guy
  • Misthi as Marvel from Channel
  • Django as LaBarbera from Futurama
  • Hammerhead from Darkwing Duck as Ms. Melanie

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