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  • Phineas as Fry
  • Isabella as Leela
  • Ferb as Bender
  • Candace as Amy
  • Baljeet as Kif Kroker
  • Major Monogram as Professor Farnsworth
  • Buford as Zapp Branigann
  • Coltrane as Hermes
  • Albert as Flexo
  • Carl as Yancy Fry
  • Chester Mcbadbat (from the Fairly Odd Parents) as Zoidberg
  • Suzy as Mom
  • Thaddius as Walt
  • Thor as Larry
  • Irving as Igner
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz as the Robot Devil
  • Bart Simpson (from the Simpsons) as Cubert
  • Homer and Marge (From the Simpson) as Fry's Parents
  • Princess Elise (FromSonic) as Lucy Liu Bot
  • Shaddow the Hedgehog(From Sonic) as Pauly Shore
  • Gary (From Spongebob) as Gunter
  • Mindy as Michele
  • Perry as Nibbler
  • Mitch as Lrr
  • Peter the Panda as Hypnotoad
  • Vance Ward as Calculon
  • Roger Doofenshmirtz as Richard Nixon
  • Wario (From Mario) as Mr. Pannuchi
  • The Surfs(From theSmurfs) as the Native Martians
  • The Giant Chicken ( From Family Guy) as El Chubenebre
  • The Mayor Of Dimmsdale (From the Fairly OddParents) as President Neutral
  • Vanessa Doofenshmirtz as The Robot Countess
  • Princess Mindy (From Spongebob) as Umbriel
  • Tom Tucker (From Family Guy) as Morbo
  • Diane Simmons (From Family Guy) as Linda
  • Barnacle Boy (From Spongebob) as URL
  • Dirty Bubble (From Spongebob) as Roberto
  • Fuzzy Lumpkins (From PowerpuffGirls) as Clamps
  • Mayor Quimby ( From the Simpsons) as Harry S Truman
  • Anti Cosmo (From the Fairly OddParents) as Nudar
  • Head Pixie(From the Fairly Oddparents) as Schlump
  • Sanderson (From the Fairly OddParents) as Flep
  • Dr. Hirano as Inez Wong
  • Trixie Tang's Dad (From the Fairly OddParents) as Leo Wong
  • Stewie Griffin (From Family Guy) as Proffesor Wernstrum
  • Mishti as LaBarbra
  • Mr Krabs (From Spongebob) as Glurmo
  • Spongebob (From Spongebob) as Slurm McKenzie
  • Moe the Bartender (From the Simpsons) as Fishy Joe
  • Jenny as Sinclair 2K
  • Steve Smith (From American Dad) as Cartridge Unit
  • Greg and Terry (From Americqn Dad) as Soupy and Randy
  • Dom the Whale (From Spongebob) as Chain Smoker
  • Hello Nurse (From Animaniacs) as Dr. Cahill

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