• Clyde Flynn as Randy Travis
  • Jeremy Johnson as Telly Monster


Jeremy Johnson: (laughing) Oh, hi. This is my friend, Clyde Flynn. Clyde is going to sing a song and uh, I'm going to try to help.

Clyde Flynn: Is that right?

Jeremy Johnson: That's the idea.

Clyde Flynn: Well, good luck, Jeremy.

Jeremy Johnson: Thank you, thank you.

Clyde Flynn: Darling, I have something to tell you today.
But I'm kind of confused
because there's more than one way.
I could put in two words,
but I'm longing to say
Tell me how should I tell you I love you?
Should I call on the phone?
Should I drop you a line?
Should I write you a book?
Should I put up a sign?
If I just knew the answer,
dear, things would be fine.
Tell me how should I tell you I love you?
I could call on the paper
and take out an ad.
I could scribble an note
with a pencil and pad.
I could make up a poem
or even work with your dad.

Jeremy Johnson: Dad?

Clyde Flynn: But I can't choose between them.
So please don't be mad.
Should I send you a card?
Carve a heart in a tree?
Or make a big speech
That they'll show on TV.
I'm afraid this decision
is too much for me.
Tell me how should I tell you I love you?
Please tell me how should I tell you I love you?

Jeremy Johnson: (breathing) All right, so I was a little late with the TV.

Clyde Flynn: Good job, Jeremy.

Jeremy Johnson: Thank, thanks, Clyde. (fainting)

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