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  • Isabella as Lilo
  • Phineas as Stitch
  • Candace as Nani
  • Major Monogram as Jumba
  • Carl as Pleakley
  • Ferb as Reuben
  • Mitch as Captain Gantu
  • Jeremy as David
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz as Dr. Hamsterviel
  • Buford as Angel
  • Ginger as Mertle
  • Vanessa as Grand
  • Baljeet as Sparky
  • Irving as Clyde
  • Linda as Cobra Bubbles
  • Kim Possible (from Kim Possible) as Yuna
  • Wanda as Lifeguard
  • Katie as Yuki
  • Holly as Teresa
  • Stacy as Slushy
  • Meap as Yarap
  • Lawrence as Stenchy
  • Thaddeus as Leroy
  • Thor as Evile

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