Conflict in the Southeast part of Asia was to continue wailing into the 1990's. It would also leave an indelable scar on the United States.


  • Baljeet as Phan Thi Kim Phuc
  • Ferb as Phan Thanh Phuoc
  • Buford as Phan Thanh Tam
  • Isabella as Ho Thi Ting
  • Phineas as Ho Van Bo
  • Vivian as Vietnamese Grandmother carrying her wounded grandson
  • Carl Karl as Christopher Wain
  • Monty Monogram as Nick Ut
  • OWCA Agents as Soldiers (behind Baljeet/Kim Phuc)

Baljeet's Saga (The Napalm Boy)

While Baljeet and his friends (Buford, Isabella, Phineas and Ferb) were at Vivian's house for a pool party, Phineas noticed that airplanes are swooping in to Danville. Trying to hide inside, Vivian instructed Isabella and the boys to evacuate the house. Napalm dropped. In order to survive, Baljeet tore off his burning bathing suit. Monty noticed the scene, and took pictures of Baljeet running. When he saw Baljeet badly burned, on his lower back, Monty decided to stop pictures. Carl decided to give Baljeet water, and pours it on his wound. Isabella, Buford, Phineas and Ferb, meanwhile, were running to the OWCA Agents for help. Baljeet fell unconscious. Vivian is shown carrying her wounded grandchild, asking for help.

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