Cast (do not edit or delete,but you can add)              

  • Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz as Xemnas 
  • Vanessa (Second Dimension) as Xigar             
  • Perry (Second Dimension) as Xaldin               
  • Coltrane as Vexen  
  • Jeremy (Second Dimension) as Lexaeus         
  • Candace (Second Dimension) as Zexion             
  • Norm as Saix            
  • Jeremy as Axel              
  • Baljeet (Second Dimension) as Demyx               
  • Buford (Second Dimension) as Luxord        
  • Mitch as Marluxia               
  • Candace as Larxene           
  • Phineas (Second Dimension) as Roxas          
  • Dark Isabella (Isabella's Dark Side) as Xion          
  • Phineas as Sora         
  • Ferb as Riku         
  • Isabella as Kairi            
  • Baljeet as Donald Duck     
  • Buford as Goofy

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