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  • Sulley (from Monsters, Inc.) as Ash
  • Phineas as Pikachu
  • Ferb as Piplup
  • Perry as Squirtle
  • Candace as Jigglypuff
  • Stacy as Eevee
  • Jenny Brown as Aipom
  • Isabella as Buneary
  • Baby Gretchen as Whismur
  • Gretchen as Loudred
  • Adult Gretchen as Exploud
  • Pinky the Chihuahua as Togepi
  • Baljeet as Sparky
  • Vanessa as Glameow
  • Major Monagram as Buizel
  • Jeremy as Turtwig
  • Buford as Meowth
  • Dr. Doofenshimrtz as Mewtwo
  • Thaddeus as Ekans
  • Thor as Koffing
  • Biff as Magikarp
  • Irving as Bulbasaur
  • Lawrence Fletcher as Krokorok
  • Linda Flynn-Fletcher as Cresselia
  • Meap as Charmander
  • Roger as Mr. Mime
  • Steve the Chameleon as Ditto

Version 2 (Pokemon Characters Version)

  • Phineas as Ash
  • Perry as Pikachu
  • Ferb as Brock
  • Candace as Misty
  • Vanessa as May
  • Baljeet as Max
  • Isabella as Dawn
  • Gretchen as Serena
  • Major Monogram as Professor Oak
  • Lawrence Fletcher as Wallace
  • Linda Flynn-Fletcher as Cynthia
  • Carl as Todd
  • Albert as Gary Oak
  • Jeremy as Ritchie
  • Charlene as Jessie
  • Dr. Doofenshimrtz as James
  • Suzy as Cassidy
  • Thaddeus as Butch
  • Thor as Paul
  • Buford as Meowth

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