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Phineas & Ferb/Shining Time Station is a FL parody series featuring characters from Phineas and Ferb and audio from Shining Time Station made by TongueSpeakingFool and FlyingDuckManGenesis.


  • Phineas as Mr. Conductor (Ringo Starr)
  • Ferb as Mr. Conductor (George Carlin)
  • Linda as Stacy Jones
  • Albert as Schemer
  • Grandpa Reggie as Harry
  • Lawrence as Billy TwoFeathers
  • Jeremy as Tito Swing
  • Candace as Didi
  • Stacy as Grace
  • Xavier as Tex
  • Fred as Rex
  • Baljeet as Dan
  • Irving as Matt
  • Vanessa as Tanya
  • Suzy as Vickie
  • Isabella as Becky
  • Gretchen as Kara
  • Buford as Buster King
  • Major Monogram as J.B. King
  • Professor Poofenplotz as Midge Smoot
  • Grandma Betty Jo as Ginny
  • Evander Holyfield as Barton Winslow
  • Carl the Intern as Ted Typo
  • Coltrane as Rusty McRail
  • Dr. Doofenshmirtz as Mr. Conductor's Evil Twin
  • Thaddeus as Biff
  • Thor as Bull
  • Dr. Diminutive as Evil Worker #1
  • Dr. Bloodpudding as Evil Worker #2
  • Norm as Schemer's Robot

Tiny Toon Adventures Characters as Thomas & Friends

  • Buster Bunny as Thomas
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (From Sonic the Hedgehog) as Edward
  • Rotor the Walrus (From Sonic the Hedgehog) as Henry
  • Knuckles the Echidna (From Sonic the Hedgehog) as Gordon
  • Plucky Duck as James
  • Hamton J. Pig as Percy
  • Bugs Bunny (From Looney Tunes) as Toby
  • Furrball as Duck
  • Hubie (From Looney Tunes) as Donald
  • Bertie (From Looney Tunes) as Douglas
  • Gogo Dodo as Oliver
  • Montana Max as Devious Diesel
  • Elmyra Duff as Mavis
  • Axl Gator (From Taz-Mania) as Bill
  • Bull Gator (From Taz-Mania) as Ben
  • Slappy Squirrel (From Animaniacs) as Daisy
  • Wade Pig as BoCo
  • Dr. Robotnik (From Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog) as Bulgy
  • King Acorn (From Sonic the Hedgehog) as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Queen Acorn (From Sonic the Hedgehog) as Lady Hatt
  • Sappy Stanley as The Barber
  • Little Beeper as Bertie
  • Byron Basset as Terence
  • Tyrone the Turtle as Trevor
  • Concord Condor as Harold
  • Gracie and Gladys as Annie and Clarabel
  • Harriet as Henrietta
  • Perfecto Prep Swans as Coaches
  • Perfecto Prep Alumni as Troublesome Trucks
  • Knuckles Cutlet as The Spiteful Brakevan
  • Yakko (From Animaniacs) as Skarloey
  • Wakko (From Animaniacs) as Rheneas
  • Mr. Plotz (From Animaniacs) as Sir Handel
  • Li'l Sneezer as Peter Sam
  • Bookworm as Rusty
  • E-123 Omega (From Sonic the Hedgehog) as Duncan
  • Dr. Otto ScratchNSniff (From Animaniacs) as Duke
  • Silas Wonder as Smudger
  • Ruffee as Bulstrode
  • Vinnie the Deer as Stepney
  • Sweetie Bird as Caroline
  • Anrold the Pit Bull as George
  • Mr. Hitcher as The Diesel/D261
  • Tazmanian Devil (From Looney Tunes) as S.C. Ruffey

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