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  • Major Monogram: Now Pay Up.
  • Heinz: Here you Go, Monogram. One-A-Dollar
  • Ferb: Not so fast! (Ferb sheds his skin revealing he is Candace)
  • Phineas: Candace?! (Turns to another Candace) Then who are you?
  • Candace: I'm Not-(Phineas pulls at her face thinking it's a mask) wearing a disguise
  • Phineas: If she's Candace, Then You must be-
  • (Candace sheds her suit revealing Isabella)
  • Phineas: Isabella?!
  • Isabella:Oops! Wrong Outfit! (Isabella is then another Phineas)
  • Phineas: You're Me?! Then I must be (sheds his suit revealing Ferb)
  • Ferb: Ferb
  • Other Phineas: Nah, I'm Just Kidding. (Phineas is then Ferb)
  • Ferb: I really am Ferb
  • (Other Ferb removes his suit revealing Phineas again)
  • Phineas: Ha ha ha ha! Good One Ferb!
  • (Both Laugh)
  • Phineas: There's just one thing I don't get.
  • Major: What's that?
  • Phineas: That
  • (Another Ferb appears next to the real Ferb)

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