• Phineas as Darcy Lewis
  • Ferb as Nick Fury
  • Candace as Heimdall
  • Isabella as Jane Foster
  • Burford as Loki
  • Perry the Platypus as Thor and Jane
  • Dr.Doofensmirthz as Isabel Alvarez
  • Baljeet as Thor
  • Vanessa as Kurse
  • Major Monogram as Asgardians
  • Carl as Kornans
  • Pinky as Phil
  • Jeremy as Malekith
  • Stacy as Volstagg
  • Gretchen as Dark Elves
  • Jenny as Hogun
  • Linda as Pet Store Clerk
  • Milly as Einherjar Captain
  • Irving as Frigga
  • Peter The Panda as Frost Giant 1
  • Mitch as Agent Sitwell
  • Meap as Fandral
  • Katie as Ymir
  • Charlne Doofensmirthz as Laufey
  • Suzy as Student
  • Ginger as Bakoon

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