Phineas the Falcon Ranger

Ferb the Owl Ranger

Isabella the Crane Ranger

Vanessa the Owl Ranger

Baljeet the Parrot Ranger

Candace the Duck Ranger

Stacy the Swan Ranger

Episode 1

Candace: Let's go. Duck Ranger.

Baljeet: Parrot Ranger

Stacy: Swan Ranger

Phineas: Falcon Ranger.

(Phineas and Stacy attack, but failed)

(Baljett attack)

Monster: More.

Ferb: Owl Ranger

Isabella: Crane Ranger

(They defeated the Moster)

Episode 2

Qamdy Ut

Phineas: Falcon Ranger

Baljeet: Parrot Ranger

Candace: Duck Ranger

(Baljeet attacks)

(Candace Attacks)

Phineas: Falcon Wing

Candace: Solar Punch

Baljeet: Parrot Camolloge

(Candace Attack)

Qamdy Ut: Come On. Beetle grub anchor.

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