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PHLUMX is VJ software produced by (Ben Neal).

PHLUMX is a free download for PC and can be used to manipulate digital video and animation live as a performance at events.

What is PHLUMX?

PHLUMX is an advanced digital media player. With PHLUMX you can control the playback and placement of digital video clips as a performance. Special features such as layering, video scratching, cue points, looping, colour filters and effects can also be used to combine and affect your video content.

PHLUMX is built mainly as a tool for use by VJs, who mix projected motion graphics to music at events. It is also intended to be used by dance companies, theatre groups and other performing arts, as well as video makers, animators and artists, as a way to trigger and control motion graphics.

PHLUMX has developed with the intention of making the user a performer, and making their performance vital and apparent. PHLUMX is often referred to as an instrument and it requires you to perform to get results.

PHLUMX Version 0.8

Since 2001 PHLUMX has been developed and used exclusively at live events by Psicon Lab. It has been rebuilt a total of 8 times, each time improving it’s core features and introducing new ones. This PHLUMX version (v0.8) offers new features such as Freeframe Effects support, unlimited browsing, Load/Save settings, extended MIDI and key configuration and improved dual monitor support.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the software we would appreciate your opinions on it, either contact us directly or complete our online questionnaire (see

Fixing bugs and errors is part of our ongoing development programme, so please contact us should you find any. For more information on errors see Trouble-shooting ‘PHLUMX shows a script error and will not continue’ (page XXXXXX).

We hope you enjoy using PHLUMX and if there is any way you feel that it could be improved, or you have any comments please don’t hesitate to email us at

System Requirements

• Pentium processor based PC running Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

• 256MB RAM is a recommended minimum

• Screen resolution of 1024x768

• 16-bit colour display

• Free Quicktime Plug-in. If you do not have Quicktime Installed please proceed directly to and download the latest version before using PHLUMX. PHLUMX will not operate correctly without it, a Quicktime installer is included with the CDROM version of this release.

• Free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Installed please proceed directly to and download the latest version. Acrobat is required to read the User Guide.

File Formats

PHLUMX supports a range of digital video, animation and still image file formats.

Full support  Mov (Quicktime)  Avi

Partial Support  Swf (Flash)  Mpeg  Jpeg  Bmp  Gif  Animated GIF  Psd  Wav  Mp3  Txt


My video appears as a white square! • If video clips are appearing as white squares or otherwise blank, please check you have the suitable CODEC installed on your machine.

To find which CODEC is used by your video clip – find the video file in Windows Explorer and right click it – select ‘Properties’ from the menu, then select the ‘Summary’ Tab. Your video CODEC will be listed next to ‘video compression’.

If you are still having problems, try recompressing your video using another CODEC. Psicon Lab recommend the Indeo Interactive CODEC.

My video appears as a large red X in a box! • Quicktime is not installed on your machine – go to and install the latest version of the free player.

The User Guide will not open! • Adobe Acrobat is not installed on your machine – go to and download the free version.

While in use, PHLUMX shows a script error and will not continue! • Note your actions leading to the error • If possible ‘Print Screen’ or make a ‘Screen Grab’ (a screenshot of the error, captured by pressing the ‘Prt Sc’ (Print Screen) button. • Paste the screenshot into a new document using an art package or word (etc.) • Send an email to with the information and image file attached, also include (if not already registered as a user) – the PHLUMX version (v0.8 etc) and your Windows edition (98,XP etc)

Please read the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) at for more information.

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