Phoenix is one of the youngest of the Authors, at sixteen. She is highly experienced in combat, and has knowledge of many different types of weapons and fighting styles. If necessary, she is capable of analyzing an opponent's strengths and weaknesses and take them down accordingly; however, she prefers to end a fight quickly by overwhelming her opponent with many powerful attacks.


Phoenix grew up in the world of Unity. Her father, a keybearer, was killed when she was only five years old. Because of her lack of confidence, she never made very many friends as she grew older. In sixth grade, when she was being bullied by some other boys in her grade, a boy a few years older than her chased them away. This boy was Griffin, who became like a brother to her (to the point where he would sometimes refer to her as nee-chan). As the years passed, he helped her, and she was able to make friends in her own grade. But he was always her greatest friend.

In November of her 8th Grade year, Griffin's brotherly love for her was truly expressed, when Omega (in a spiritual form) appeared, and possessed Phoenix. Griffin managed to subdue Omega in Phoenix's body, then took Omega into himself. Omega took control of Griffin, while Phoenix swore a blood oath that she would defeat Omega, and avenge Griffin. She went across many worlds, chasing after Omega. This is the extent of what she told her fellow Authors.

However, one other part she found too painful to speak of. She did catch up with Omega, and tried to convince herself that her friend could gain control over his body. Omega quickly disproved this theory, and strangled her. He assured her that Griffin would never regain control, ever. He threw her through a dark portal, and she appeared near Titans Tower.

Soon after recovering, Starfire suggested that she join the Author Fighters, which Phoenix promptly did.

It was several months after joining the Author Fighters that it was discovered that Omega had come to their world, and was manipulating the Guardians, powerful beings who controlled the natural aspects of the world, in order to send it into chaos. Over the next two weeks, the Authors went around the world searching for pieces of a key that would unlock the passageways to the pocket dimensions that the Black Guardians existed in. Before facing the Black Guardians, however, Phoenix chose to tell the others what had happened to her in her past.

With the time almost up, and Omega about to consume the world, fifteen Author Fighters (and Phoenix) were given a gift by the world's heart itself, and transported to the different passages, all doors unlocked. As her friends fought the Black Guardians, Phoenix found herself in Los Angeles, and engaged Omega in battle. She was beaten badly at first, and taunted by Omega to the point where her mind finally broke. Omega shattered the Firebird.

Phoenix found herself in the Station of Calling, a metaphysical place within her own heart, and there she met a specter of her father. He encouraged her to fight, and gave her his power, the ability to enter Knight Mode. With a new keyblade in hand, the Flicker of Hope, and Knight Mode, Phoenix defeated Omega at long last.

Outward Appearance

She has a black duster over a white t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers, as well as a gauntlet on her right hand. Her hair is brown, eyes are green. She is 5’3” tall, and isn’t telling her weight.

Post-Black Guardians, she now wears a white duster, and wears a ring on a chain around her neck.

Fighting Style

Phoenix fights with a keyblade, the Firebird (later replaced by the Flicker of Hope), also owning a few other keychains that have various effects. She takes advantage of the flexibility of the keyblade in combat to fight through her opponent's weaknesses. She also has a special gauntlet, that can hold one of three power stones, which are as follows:

Strength Stone: Increases physical strength. Abuse of its power can lead to severely torn muscle tissue, and broken bones.

Agility Stone: Increases speed and jumping ability. Abuse can lead to high friction, and combustion. In other words, going too fast can make her clothes catch on fire. Attempting to jump too hard or accelerating too quickly can tear up the muscles in her legs.

Tracking Stone: Enhances the five senses. Overuse can cause an overload of the senses, with too many messages going to the brain. To avoid potential damage, her mind will automatically make all but the necessary processes shut down. In English: if she pumps up the power too much on all five senses, she'll faint after a minute or two.

Generally, Phoenix fights with a style of combat comparable to the lightsaber combat style Niman, very balanced in all areas. However, because of her lack of stamina, she tries to take down an opponent as quickly as possible. Generally, she'll fight in one of three personal styles:

Controlled: Using everything at her disposal, from Keyblade to Knight Mode. Mostly used against multiple enemies, with the Firebird. Her original fighting style.

Knight Valor: Phoenix created this style after seeing the use of Force Valor. She decreases the gravity holding her down, and rapidly attacks a target, flying through the air, using slight adjustments of gravity from different directions to keep going. Unlike other fighting styles, this one has an unlimited combo, but lack defense and a strong finisher. While the changes in gravity are small, they are often, which quickly drains her magic.

Burning Dragon: A style that gives her strength to stand a chance against a fellow author...for a short time. With this style, Phoenix utilizes all three Power Stones at once, to increase her strength, speed, and senses. This causes a quick drain on her magic, sending her from full to empty in two minutes, flat. This made this style quite useless for her, until she gained a keyblade that allowed her to draw in magic from the air around her, increasing her time using this style to seven minutes. It's useful in situations that don't let her use Knight Form, or raw strength prevails over technique.


Phoenix is capable of gravity control, which allows her to increase, decrease, eliminate, or even reverse gravity. She uses this ability to perform Force-like maneuvers, most of the time sending something flying through the air at whoever she’s fighting, but also decreasing the gravity holding her down to jump high into the air. She has created special techniques with it, many based off of other attacks.

Special Gravity Techniques

Gravity Slam: Rapidly increasing and decreasing the molecules in air to create a shockwave. Her signature move. Inspired by Force Push (Star Wars).

Gravity Bomb: Pinpointing a single molecule in somebody's body, and reversing the gravity greatly to effectively make their stomach explode. However, due to lack of control, the rebounding force can do anything from snap Phoenix's wrists, to break her bones to pieces. Inspired by Rokugan (One Piece).

Black Hole: Increasing the gravity in a spot, to crush a being from their own gravity. Works best against simpler beings, such as heartless. Inspired by Chibaku Tensei (Naruto).

Gravity Punch: Moreso an alteration of Gravity Slam, the only differences are that it's a melee attack, and the kinetic energy coming from the punch increases the speed of creation and the strength of the gravity slam. Inspired by Falcon Punch (F-Zero).

Knight Mode

A Super-Form Phoenix can use in battle. It greatly increases her strength, speed, and reaction time, and allows her to dual-wield two keyblades, and use special techniques. She can release the amount of power on Knight Mode, increasing her own strength with it, however due to a lack of control, it can cause damage to her own body. Most of the special techniques in Knight Mode revolve around manipulating the shape of the keyblade.

After obtaining the Knight's Armor (which equips automatically when she enters Knight Mode), Phoenix becomes capable of controlling the form to a much greater extent, and it no longer damages her body. Before obtaining the armor, all of the techniques she used came from instinct, having been previously used by Knights who came before her; after, she gains much greater control over the gold and white flames she can produce, and invents a new technique as well.

Techniques in Knight Mode

Night Fire: Releasing an arrow of white flames an an opponent (lowest-level, Phoenix is capable of using this technique by channeling a slight amount of her power)

Storm of Blades: Separates dual keyblades to create four swords, usually controlling them with Gravity Control

Combine: Connects keyblades at their hilts to create a double-ended blade

Dual Raid: A version of Strike Raid (as used by Sora in Kingdom Hearts) using two keyblades instead of one

Trial by Fire: Phoenix invokes the name, and most of the armor vanishes save for that on her right arm. Various pieces then appear on her allies, and their physical abilities are enhanced to a superhuman degree. Each ally also displays an aura, but this is incidental.

Relationships with Fellow Authors

Lunatic - Considers him a friend, but finds him to be very irritating occasionally.

Kitten - Also considers her a friend, and chose her as second-in-command for her solo team, Team Paladin.

DarkMagicianmon - Respects him as leader

MistressofDawn - She feels like she can relate to Dawn, with both feeling inadequate sometimes.

X Prodigy - Thinks of him as something like a perverted older brother, and she never gives up an oppurtunity to make fun of him.

Roscoso - The two of them have become friends over time, Ross a little like an annoying older brother.

Agent Liberi - While the two of them started out arguing over political differences, they have put that aside and became friends.

Kadia Silver - Her sister; Phoenix would die for her.

Relationships with Team Paladin

Kitten - While very random at times, she knows that Kitten is a great fighter, and is glad to have her as second-in-command.

Yamamoto - Since they met, Phoenix and Yamamoto have grown to become very close to each other.

Shikamaru - They dated for a short time, but broke up, yet still remain friends.

Katara - Respects her because otherwise they would have died multiple times of injuries. Phoenix and Katara have grown to become good friends.

Riku - Considers him a friend, and respects his piloting ability.

Neku - Annoyed by his brooding personality, but they put up with each other.

Simon - For the most part, they are allies, and have a mutual trust.

Yuna - While they started out as merely allies, Phoenix got a new respect for Yuna after she took her to the Farplane, so she could see those she had lost.

Tex - Thinks that the freelancer is truly amazing, and possibly the strongest member of the team

Suzaku Kururugi - The two are allies, but Phoenix isn't completely trusting of him due to him attacking the team the first time they met

Brook - The skeleton musician constantly makes her crack up; except for when he asks for her panties, in which case she usually slaps him across the room

Winry - Phoenix is slightly afraid of Winry, and anytime she's in the room she always has Riku take the ship down to a slower speed, for fear of the mechanic's wrath

Wolfwood - Sympathizing with the priest upon hearing his story, when he asked to travel with Team Paladin, she replied "I can't allow it! A gunman of your caliber, joining my team without any compensation!" She then offered him money to send back to his orphanage in his world for as long as he travels with them. Since then the two have had a strong trust.

King - the two despise each other, King often telling Phoenix to "go back to Unity!"

Other Relationships

Marcus Silver and of the Darkness - Phoenix's father, she loved him, and was scarred when she saw him die, though she didn't remember it thanks to Omega. He passed on the title Heir of the Knight to Phoenix, as well as the ability to wield a keyblade.

Griffin - Phoenix's greatest friend, though she remains unsure as to whether that's true after joining the Author Fighters. When she was possessed by Omega, Griffin willingly took Omega's consciousness into himself, and lost himself because of it. She feels great guilt because she couldn't free him.


Omega - He took away from her her best friend, her father, and her entire life. She hates him with a passion that burns with the heat of a thousand nuclear weapons. On fire. On the sun.

Maleficent - At their first meeting, Maleficent attempted to convince Phoenix that by accepting the darkness she would be able to find and defeat Omega with ease. Phoenix resisted, and after a battle, Phoenix left Maleficent weakened before moving on. Upon discovering that Maleficent had created the Hellfire Club, Phoenix made one of Team Paladin's highest goals to stop them.

The Hellfire Club - Phoenix holds a personal grudge with most of the members of the Hellfire Club. She has a particular dislike of Maleficent, reason stated above, Professor Hojo, for his insane experiments and bone-chilling laugh, Saix, for his sadistic tendencies, and Sho Minamimoto, for trapping her team's souls in Pins on one occasion.


"I've clearly gone insane."

"For the love of all that is good and pure, will you SHUT UP!"

"No matter what else happens, I won't let you hurt my friends!" (to Omega)

"I'll go through thousands of you CP9 bastards to protect my friends!" (to Koudou)

Running Gags

Where did you come from?: Goddess will appear out of nowhere and make a comedic remark, with Phoenix saying "Where did you come from?" with Goddess saying simply "I have no idea."

Goddamit, Ross: Kivat will jump out at her, surprising her, though she's gotten over it a little recently.

How do we get into these situations?: Team Paladin has a habit of starting each adventure mid-mission, in some sort of strange and completely unexplained situation, from being locked in a closet to about to be sliced in half by a laser.


  • Phoenix's favorite color is deep blue, her favorite food is Chinese take-out, and her favorite word is "flow".
  • Her voice actor was originally Bella Hudson (Blaze the Cat, Sonic the Hedgehog) but changed it to Dakota Fanning (Coraline, Coraline) for personal reasons.
  • Phoenix has been ranked 22nd greatest swordsman of the present day.

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