The Story starts with the group having alot of peace from the likes of Kim Knight after there fight with her and [William Work]] but all of a sudden the group are in shock when Kim Knight and Hannah Farmer come in to the groups base. The group get ready to fight however Kim tells them she comes in peace and wants there help. Zack Zindine suspects something isn't right here.

They group find that Dawn Davie and Angie Smith had gone crazy and are no longer under the control of Kim Knight. Kim and Hannah tells them if they take care of the likes of Dawn and Angie they will leave Kingsteignton forever and never come back to this town. Scott Curtis and the rest of the group apart from Zack accepts who shouts and heads away from the group. Scott and the others plan to meet Kim Knight once the likes of Dawn and Angie are sent at the place where they held Maria.

Soon Scott and the gang come to where Dawn is hiding and a big fight starts. Meanwhile Zack goes and talks to Stacy Hart who also thinks thats they have done this wrong and blames Maria for not being able to see what is in front of her nose. Soon Zack takes off on a drive to plan what to do.

The fight between Dawn is over when Emma Davison manages to start a rockslide this is enought to kill Dawn. The others escape and they plan to go to where Angie is now said to be living. Together Scott with Maria, Dean and Emma moved on to the next place.

Picking The Right Side Part 2

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