Scott Curtis and the group start to move on to where Angie Smith is said to be staying as they start to walk. Maria Hart passes out on the floor. Scott quickly catches her before she hits the floor and she is old cold.

Scott along with Emma Davison and Dean Reardon wait to Maria starts to come around sitting near the graveyard together the three of them carry her out of the way being so close to a danger zone. Soon afterwards Maria wakes up and screams that he is coming and will be here soon meaning Barry Charles the group expect the worst to come soon. The group start to move on to find Angie Smith meanwhile Zack Zindine heads back to go and help the others in Kingsteigton but why taking his cruiser up he runs into one person he least expects to this being Becky Miles they speak and Becky tells him she thinks its odd also. But if Zack doesn't help they could die. Zack also asks Becky if she would like to come along. She tells him that it isn't her fight and hers has not started yet but will do in all good time. Zack drives off away from Becky.

Meanwhile Scott along with Emma and Maria and Dean have started the fight with Angie who has started a sneak attack. In the fight they start to lose. At the very last second a horn beeps and Zack hits Angie with the crusier she hits the floor and starts to die again. Before she can recover Scott hits her with the Ring and kills her.

The group all meet up and now know they must head up to see Kim and Hannah who are waiting for them. Everyone jumps in Zack's car and head towards them.

Picking The Right Side Part 3

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