Soon the group come down to the old farm still unsure about this as they go inside they are meet with Kim and Hannah who are happy to find that Dawn Davie and Angie Smith have been beating. All of a sudden Hannah Farmer quickly plans to attack the others. But is then grabbed by Kim Knight she then sends her hand into her heart which kills her just like Angie and Dawn.

The River now aware this is a trap start to get ready to fight Kim Knight. She laughs and tells them because they have killed those three her power is now triple what it was before and she can now kill them all. Scott Curtis shouts at the others to get outside and they all run outside. However Kim Knight starts to fly right after them. They all look on as Kim starts making four copies of herself and they all start heading towards the group wanting to kill them.

Scott Curtis and Emma Davison head on way why Maria Hart goes to the South to getaway. Zack Zindine goes left and Dean Reardon goes right. Soon the fight starts and they find this is going to be hard. However soon the group work out that if the First Kim Knight is hit the one that Scott and Emma are fighting takes damage the other three are more weaker and can be taken down. Soon they over power Kim and together they manage to win the fight and send Kim Knight back to the grave.

Everyone smiles apart from Maria who looks up and speak to herself we got to the morning before the likes of Barry Charles comes to get us all we better get back to the base and sleep this might be are last evening together. The group head back to the base to sleep.

Immortal Of The Man Named Barry

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