Naïve Pig (debut: Dec. 31, 2001) of Pearls Before Swine is childlike and dim, but also well-meaning and kind, all of which leads to constant ridicule by Rat. Pig's jokes generally involve his incompetence and not knowing his true surroundings. Pig has a hot-tempered girlfriend named Pigita. Pastis says that Pig is the easiest character to write for: "He just has to misunderstand everything that he hears, then when it's explained to him, he has to misunderstand that too." Pig has a habit of talking to inanimate objects such as food, stop lights, bait and various other things (although since, in the "Pearls" universe, the objects talk back, this is not as odd as it might otherwise be). Pig once fell in love with a syrup bottle known as "Ms. Booty-worth". Pig is cannibalistic; he likes bacon, ham, etc.

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