Ever wanted to learn a wholenother language in a matter of minutes? Well, you can learn Pig Latin.

Pig Latin is English with a twist. The basic rule: you move the first letter of the word, put it at the end, and add ay. For words that start as a vowel, just add ay to the end. If the word has a consonant cluster at the beginning (ch, th, st, etc.), move the whole cluster to the end of the word and add ay. Some examples are shown below to help you get started.

Pig Latin Examples
English Piglatin
hello ellohay
chair airchay
also alsoway
straight aightstray

There are other versions of pig latin, too. For example, some people also know verb latin. You follow the same rules as in pig latin except you add erb instead of ay. So verb latin would be erbverb atinlerb! I believe that is the only other really existing version of pig latin, but if you wanted to create your own code, the possibilities are endless. You could add ie, es, or erd.

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