The wold of Birdons hosts many types of Birdons but the Supreme Birdon the dominant species is the Pijon.

Pidegeon are the most intellegent of the bird breed. Their main enimy is the Seaguns aka Seagulls which are evil Judges and lawyers always trying to cause harm to the Pigeon. The head of all Pijons is Tiffany Pijon and second is Greg her brother Pijon. Kristi their sister is ruling along side Tiffany.

The Ruling Pijons are as followed:

Pijon of the United States and North America:Tiffany Pijon and Kristi Pijon

Pijon of Europe: Greg Pijon and his lover/wife Christine Pijon

Enimies of the Pijon

1.The Seagons 2.The Crowons 3.The Gooseons 4.The Flamingons 5.The Robons 6.The Hawkons-Can be neautral

7.Plus other Birdons 

Allies of the Pijon: 1.The Duckons 2.The Woodpeckons 3.The Pengons 4.The Humingburdons 5.The Owlons 6.The Storkons 7.The Weavons 8.The Cockotutons 9.The Parratons 10.The Paroketons 11.The Fairy-Blue Birdons 12.An assortment of other Birdons

Neutral Birdons:Though neautral can be very dangerous!!! 1.Hawkons 2.Eaglons 3.Sparrowns 4.Bald-Eagons 5.Bluejayons 6.Mockingbirdons 7.Vulturons 8.Plus other Birdons

Extinct Birdons: 1.Dodons 2.The whiteyons

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