• Narrator: That one day, Pikachu, Hannah, Sid go to your video store. Pikachu he saw a 1992 VHS of An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, but it's very crazy!
  • Pikachu: Can I have the please?
  • Hannah: No, Pikachu!
  • Sid: Never!
  • Pikachu: But, but--aaaaaaaaaaaahhh!
  • Sid and Hannah: YOU MUST DIE!
  • Narrator: The next day. Pikachu, Hannah, Sid go to your book store. But it happened.
  • Pikachu: Can I have it?
  • Sid: No, Pikachu. You have to cost of money.
  • Pikachu: (Cries)
  • Sid: That's it! She's lying! You gonna get spanking, but it's not true!
  • Pikachu: No!
  • Sid: I'm calling the police right now!
  • Narrator: The Hannah and Sid will run away before he finally chased the police arrived.
  • Ian: Hey!
  • Tyrannosaurus: (Growling)
  • Pikachu: STOP! You have nonsense and we gonna killed him!
  • (Outside the dodgeball)
  • Sid: Pikachu? Now, dodgeball, all better.
  • Pikachu: No... NO... (balls crashed, and Pikachu falls into the lava) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • Sid: She's lying! Whatever she says it's not true! (Sid gets throw the pink ball and slams door.)

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