Pikachu and Knuckles Fights

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  • Rotor: No, no, no! No, little mouse!
  • (Suddenly, the Pikachu crashes the wall getting the blue car.)
  • Pikachu: (yelling) BLUE PUNCH BUGGY!! (Hits Knuckles by the car, 'cause Knuckles from the pain.) No punch-back!
  • Knuckles (he screams like muffled, and hits by the car, making him horn honk)
  • Sonic: They want my mouse!
  • Rotor: There's no need to alert the authories, everything's under control.
  • Vector: Sonic, what was that?
  • Sonic: Oh good, my mouse found the flamethrower.
  • Vector: Sonic, don't hang...!
  • Pikachu: (laughing, jumping, kicked off the flamethrower)
  • Sonic: Huh? Aaaaaaaaah! (Sonic runs, with the fire trap)
  • Rotor: You've safe, Sonic!
  • Knuckles: Alright, you two! Get outta here! You shouldn't play with that bombs.
  • Pikachu: Oh, okay.
  • Knuckles: Thank you. Oh, just remembered, it's your birthday. Happy birthday!
  • Pikachu: Merry christmas!
  • Knuckles: It's not christmas.
  • Pikachu: Happy thanksgiving!
  • Sonic: We're leaving, Pikachu?
  • Rotor: Trust me, this is not going to end well!
  • Knuckles: One potato...
  • Pikachu: Two potato...
  • Knuckles: Three potato...
  • Pikachu: Four...
  • Knuckles: Five potato...
  • Pikachu: Six potato...
  • Knuckles: Seven potato, more...
  • Pikachu: My...
  • Knuckles: Mother...
  • Pikachu: Told...
  • Knuckles: Me...
  • Pikachu: You...
  • Knuckles: Are...
  • Pikachu: It...
  • Knuckles: AHA! I WIN!
  • (Enraged, suddenly the Sonic's house explodes. Rotor and Sonic runs, Rotor screaming in the distance.)

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