Pikachufreak's Fan-Fiction Logos is a fan-fiction thing to make.

Anime Home Video (1998-2002)

  • Against a white background with flying abstract shapes, we see an oval that provides a clear view of the shapes with the Anime Home Video script in purple. Suddenly, we see some of the anime characters running through the logo as the oval begins to rotate. First we see Tooty The Elephant (from Fluffy Gardens) running in a frantic mood, then Trunks (from Dragonball Z, in his super saiyan form) slicing down, Lina Inverse (from Slayers) running, Leonardo (from TMNT 2003) hanging on something, Vinnie (from Biker Mice From Mars 2006) driving on his motorcycle, Raye Hino (from Sailor Moon, in her Sailor Mars outfit) doing her Mars Flame Ignite move, Mushra (from Shinzo) slicing towards the screen with his sword as shown in the opening, Kirby (from Kirby! Right Back At Ya) riding on his Warp Star, Sonic (from Sonic X) dashing and finally Ash Ketchum (from Pokemon) racing and hitting the logo with his trademark Pokemon Puzzle League left side pose in an extreme closeup.


  • The Hanna Barbera All Stars Action music.

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