Pikachufreak's Fan-Fiction Shining Time Station episodes is a fan-fiction thing to make.


  • From Season 4 from now on, George Carlin is Mr. Conductor 1 (until 2008, which Ringo Starr took over his role) and Alec Baldwin is Mr. Conductor 2.
  • From Season 5 (2003) from now on, Michael Brandon will be Mr. Conductor 3.
  • From Season 6 onwards, Alec Baldwin will re-narrate Season 3-4 since George Carlin left the series.


  1. Mr. Conductor 1 (George Carlin, Season 4-5, Family Specials Season 2-3 and Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales Season 2-4) (Ringo Starr, Season 6)
  2. Mr. Conductor 2 (Alec Baldwin)
  3. Mr. Conductor 3 (Michael Brandon)
  4. Stacy Jones
  5. Schemer
  6. Dan
  7. Kara
  8. Becky
  9. J.B. King


Season 4 (1998-1999)

This season is silimar to Season 1 and aired between November 16, 1998 and ended in December 14, 1998.

Family Specials Season 2 (1999-2000)

Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales Season 2 (2000-2001)

Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales Season 3 (2002-2003)

Season 5 (2003-2004)

This season is silimar to Season 1 and Season 4 and aired between November 17, 2003 and ended in December 15, 2003.

  1. Becky The Accidental Cheerleader - Thomas Stories: Thomas, Percy and The Dragon (told by George Carlin) and The Old Iron Bridge (told by Michael Brandon)
  2. The Passenger Next Door - Thomas Stories: The Runaway and James In A Mess (both told by George Carlin)
  3. Popular Schemer - Thomas Stories: Twin Trouble and Buffer Bother (both told by Alec Baldwin)
  4. How To Be A Girly Girl In Just 10 Days - Becky style - Thomas Stories: Thomas and The Jet Engine (told by Alec Baldwin) and Rheneas and The Roller Coaster (told by Michael Brandon)
  5. Drama Queen Stacy - Thomas Stories: Gordon Takes A Dip and James Goes Buzz, Buzz (both told by George Carlin)
  6. Dan, Buster and The Babysitting Wars - Thomas Stories: The Refreshment Lady's Stand and The Grand Opening (both told by Michael Brandon)
  7. Totally Crushed For Kara - Thomas Stories: Haunted Henry (told by Alec Baldwin) and Old Iron (told by George Carlin)
  8. I've Got A Secret, Dan - Thomas Stories: Percy Gets It Right (told by Michael Brandon) and Tenders and Turntables (told by George Carlin)
  9. Schemer For President - Thomas Stories: Trouble In The Shed and Percy Runs Away (both told by George Carlin)
  10. Making Waves - Thomas Stories: Middle Engine and A Bad Day For Harold (both told by Alec Baldwin)
  11. The Sister Switch - Becky and Stacy Style - Thomas Stories: Trusty Rusty (told by Michael Brandon) and A Better View For Gordon (told by Alec Baldwin)
  12. Accidentally Fabulous - Thomas Stories: Thomas, Percy and The Squeak and Something In The Air (both told by Alec Baldwin)
  13. Confessions of A Bitter Secret Passenger - Thomas Stories: Put Upon Percy and Salty's Secret (both told by Alec Baldwin)
  14. Accidentally Famous - Thomas Stories: Horrid Lorry and Percy and The Haunted Mine (both told by Alec Baldwin)
  15. Star Crossed - Thomas Stories: Harold and The Flying Horse and Hooray For Thomas (both told by Michael Brandon)
  16. Accidentally Fooled - Thomas Stories: James and The Queen of Sodor and Gordon and Spencer (both told by Michael Brandon)
  17. Popular Schemer Goes Camping - Thomas Stories: The Runaway Elephant and Edward's Brass Band (both told by Michael Brandon)
  18. Life, Starring Becky - Thomas Stories: Peace and Quiet (told by Michael Brandon) and Thomas and The Special Letter (told by George Carlin)
  19. Kara's Juicy Gossip - Thomas Stories: Saved From Scrap and A New Friend For Thomas (both told by George Carlin)
  20. Accidentally Friends - Thomas Stories: Come Out Henry and Henry To The Rescue (both told by George Carlin)
  21. Mr. Conductor 2's Snowfall Surprise - Thomas Stories: It's Only Snow (told by Alec Baldwin) and Thomas and The Avalanche (told by Michael Brandon)

Family Specials Season 3 (2005-2006)

  1. Super Conductor To The Rescue - Thomas Stories: Bill, Ben and Fergus and Thomas and The Search For Fergus (both told by Michael Brandon)
  2. Becky In Goldenrod City - Thomas Stories: Dunkin' Duncan and Toby Had A Little Lamb (both told by Alec Baldwin)
  3. Audrey Jones Comes To Visit - Thomas Stories: The Spotless Record and Something Fishy (both told by Michael Brandon)
  4. Sister Trouble - Thomas Stories: Donald and Douglas and The Deputation (both told by George Carlin)

Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales (2006-2007)

  1. A New Start - Thomas Stories: Edward, Trevor and The Really Useful Party (told by George Carlin), Terence The Tractor (told by George Carlin), Emily's New Coaches (told by Michael Brandon), Salty's Stormy Tale (told by Michael Brandon) and Edward The Really Useful Engine (told by Alec Baldwin) Song: Salty
  2. The Trouble With Bugs - Thomas Stories: Foolish Freight Cars (told by George Carlin), Percy's Predicament (told by George Carlin), Oliver Owns Up (told by George Carlin), Busy Going Backwards (told by Alec Baldwin) and Rusty Helps Peter Sam (told by George Carlin) Song: Troublesome Trucks
  3. A Cherished Note - Thomas Stories: The World's Strongest Engine, Harvey To The Rescue, No Sleep For Cranky, Jack Jumps In and Rusty Saves The Day (all told by Alec Baldwin) Song: The Whistle Song
  4. The Deal - Thomas Stories: Bulgy Rides Again (told by Michael Brandon), A Big Surprise For Percy (told by Alec Baldwin), Make Someone Happy (told by Alec Baldwin), Edward Helps Out (told by George Carlin) and Wrong Road (told by George Carlin) Song: There Once Was An Engine Who Ran Away
  5. Fight To The Finish - Thomas Stories: Edward's Exploit, Gordon and The Famous Visitor, Bertie's Chase, Tender Engines and No Joke For James (all told by George Carlin) Song: The Red Balloon
  6. The Finale - Thomas Stories: Thomas and Stepney (told by George Carlin), What's The Matter With Henry? (told by Michael Brandon), Thomas Gets Tricked (told by George Carlin), Double Trouble (told by George Carlin) and Faulty Whistles (told by Alec Baldwin) Song: Five New Engines In The Shed

Season 6 (2008-2009)

Since George Carlin left the series, Ringo Starr will take over as Mr. Conductor 1 and Alec Baldwin will re-narrate Season 3-4. This season is silimar to Season 1, Season 4 and Season 5 and aired in September 8, 2008 and ended in October 4, 2008.

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