List of them

  1. Misty's Greatest Adventures
  2. The Legend of Brock
  3. Keegan
  4. The New Adventures of Lara Laramie
  5. The Adventures of Chaz
  6. The New Adventures of Melanie
  7. Sylvester
  8. Yoshi's Island: The Series
  9. Cherry, Ramona and Naomi
  10. The Amazing Adventures of Ash Ketchum
  11. Andreas
  12. The Adventures of Jasmine
  13. Liza
  14. The Adventures of Chuckie Finster
  15. Street Fighter: The Series
  16. The Adventures of Keith
  17. Life With May
  18. The Kimono Sisters
  19. Warioware: The Series
  20. Charmaine and Ramona
  21. The New Adventures of Rebecca
  22. The Astounding Mandi
  23. The Book of Ash Ketchum
  24. Seymour The Scientist
  25. Oswald
  26. Jenaro
  27. Goneff
  28. Vivica
  29. Tracey of The Future
  30. Raymond In The Middle
  31. Bill The Pokemaniac
  32. Vega
  33. Florinda and Tamao
  34. The Adventures of Sakura
  35. The Adventures of Gary Oak
  36. Jeanette Fisher
  37. The Adventures of Ken and Mary
  38. Joe's Laboratory
  39. Lani's Greatest Adventures
  40. The Adventures of Blossom
  41. The Adventures of Brock
  42. Izzy's Greatest Adventures
  43. Madison and Alexa
  44. Dayton
  45. The Adventures of Ryu
  46. Ash and Mitchie
  47. The New Adventures of T.K. Takaishi
  48. The Adventures of Team Rocket
  49. Dee Jay
  50. Flannery
  51. The Adventures of Paolo The Cat
  52. Dawn With A Chance
  53. The Suite Life of Mario and Luigi
  54. Tai's Greatest Adventures
  55. Natasha
  56. My Friends Kevin and Ash
  57. Sagat
  58. The Adventures of Andreas
  59. Ritchie
  60. The Adventures of Brad Van Darn
  61. Rika Nonaka
  62. The Adventures of Yolei
  63. Davis' Greatest Adventures
  64. Welcome To Ash Corner
  65. Roark
  66. Oralie
  67. The Adventures of Whitney
  68. Shirley Fenette
  69. The Amazing Adventures of Bear
  70. Ash and Gary
  71. Even Stevens: The Animated Series
  72. The New Adventures of Marina
  73. Tiffany
  74. Cherry and Ramona
  75. Shining Time Station (Animated version)
  76. The New Adventures of Misty
  77. The Adventures of Lara Laramie
  78. Aya
  79. Melvin's Greatest Adventures
  80. B.J.'s Greatest Adventures
  81. Greta
  82. Bucky's Weird Mysteries
  83. The Adventures of Skyler
  84. The Adventures of Amy and Tiff (Pikachufreak's version)
  85. The Life and Times of Izzy Izumi
  86. Shining Time Station (Pokemon version)
  87. The Adventures of Kwame
  88. Lizzie McGuire: The Animated Series
  89. The New Adventures of Keegan
  90. The Life and Times of Tai Kamiya
  91. The Adventures of Giselle
  92. The Adventures of Brianna
  93. Tommy Pickles
  94. The Timon and Pumbaa Show
  95. The Life and Times of Matt Ishida
  96. The New Adventures of Sandra
  97. The Adventures of Wario
  98. The Scrat Show
  99. Life With Gary
  100. The Cherry and Ramona Show
  101. Marina
  102. The Adventures of Alex Davis
  103. Ash's Greatest Adventures
  104. Dr. Wiseman
  105. Polvina's Greatest Adventures
  106. That's So Raven: The Animated Series
  107. Latoya Parker
  108. Life With Erica
  109. Ash and Tai
  110. The Charmaine and Ramona Show
  111. Gary and Carmen
  112. Guile's Greatest Adventures
  113. Aya, Satsuki and Charmaine
  114. The Amazing Adventures of Keegan
  115. Everybody Loves A.J.
  116. Chigusa and Sumomo
  117. Izzy and Amy
  118. Whitney
  119. Jonas: The Animated Series
  120. May's Greatest Adventures
  121. Friends (Pokemon version)
  122. Mahri The Cowardly Girl
  123. The Amazing Adventures of Sakura
  124. The Adventures of Chip and Dale
  125. The Amazing Adventures of Cherry and Ramona
  126. Shining Time Station (Disney version)
  127. Lt. Surge
  128. The Suite Life of Whitney and Tierra
  129. The Adventures of Aladdin
  130. The New Adventures of Brock
  131. Robots: The Series
  132. Giselle and Tyra
  133. The Adventures of Dayton
  134. The Adventures of Todd Snap
  135. Rhyanna and Mamie
  136. Shining Time Station (Cartoon Network version)
  137. The New Adventures of Brad Van Darn
  138. Mary, Janina and Mika
  139. Mario The Plumber and Friends
  140. Lara Laramie
  141. Gary and Latoya
  142. The Adventures of Tommy Pickles
  143. Calista and Terri
  144. Ash The Pokemon Trainer and Friends
  145. The Adventures of Rebecca
  146. Zachary and Casey
  147. Alanna and Kelly
  148. The Wario Show
  149. Shining Time Station (Nintendo version)
  150. Harrison
  151. Andreas and Koume
  152. The Adventures of Otoshi
  153. A.J. and Sissy
  154. The New Adventures of Mikey
  155. Dorian and Krystal
  156. Alex Davis and Nelson
  157. The Adventures of Baloo
  158. Darkwing Duck Beyond
  159. Shining Time Station (Nickelodeon version)
  160. Lara The Blue Head and Friends
  161. The Amazing Adventures of T.K. Takaishi
  162. The Adventures of Princess Sara
  163. The Adventures of Willis
  164. The New Adventures of Shining Time Station (Pokemon version)
  165. Assunta
  166. The Adventures of Keegan
  167. The New Adventures of Chuckie Finster
  168. The Amazing Adventures of The Kimono Sisters
  169. Amy Flowers
  170. Ash Ketchum
  171. Tai and Bailey
  172. Keegan and Cherry
  173. Alex Davis and Kiwi Adair
  174. Skyler and Katrina
  175. Ephraim and Sakura
  176. Ash and Alex Davis
  177. Nicolette Spicer
  178. Joe and Mina
  179. Tai and Serena
  180. Matt and Raye
  181. Brock and Suzy
  182. The Amazing Adventures of Brock
  183. Giselle and Jeanette Fisher
  184. Melanie's Greatest Adventures
  185. The Adventures of Zachary Evans
  186. Shingo
  187. Dorian and Audrey
  188. A.J. and Amy Flowers
  189. Mikey and Calina
  190. The Adventures of Dorian
  191. The Amazing Adventures of Whitney
  192. Oralie and Haley
  193. Davis and Lita
  194. The Suite Life of Keegan
  195. Life With A.J.
  196. Bucky's Greatest Adventures
  197. The New Adventures of Ralph
  198. Rhyanna and Mitchell
  199. The Adventures of Winnie The Pooh
  200. Benji and Arielle
  201. Suzy's Greatest Adventures
  202. Todd and Duplica
  203. Kimono Sisters Adventures
  204. Brianna and Natalie
  205. Brock and Erika
  206. Ramona and Keegan
  207. Sonic's Greatest Adventures
  208. Brad and Lily
  209. The Life and Times of Brock
  210. T.K. and Kari
  211. The Life and Times of Zachary Evans
  212. Life With Misty
  213. The Adventures of Wilbur
  214. Life With Aya
  215. Benji's Greatest Adventures
  216. The Adventures of Goneff
  217. The Adventures of Leomon
  218. The New Adventures of Shining Time Station (1998, Pikachufreak's version)
  219. Sonic and Aya
  220. Life With Lara
  221. Rebecca's Greatest Adventures
  222. Ash and Bailey
  223. Brock
  224. The New Adventures of Benji
  225. The Suite Life of Alex Davis
  226. Brock and Kagome
  227. Shingo and Yakumo
  228. Kyle Hamm
  229. Life With Andreas
  230. Life With Keegan
  231. Mickey's Greatest Adventures
  232. The Adventures of Satsuki and Charmaine
  233. Life With Brad
  234. Brock and Tracey
  235. The Adventures of Suzy and Pietra
  236. Life With Rebecca
  237. Life With Sakura
  238. Alex Davis and Chigusa
  239. Buck
  240. Gary Oak
  241. The Aya Show
  242. The Adventures of Samurai
  243. Life With Dr. Anna
  244. Life With Izzy
  245. The PB&J Otter Show
  246. Aya: Ninja Warrior
  247. The New Adventures of Todd Snap
  248. Life With T.K.
  249. The Adventures of Shining Time Station (Pokemon version)
  250. The Life and Times of Andreas
  251. Tad
  252. The Life and Times of Ash Ketchum
  253. Benji
  254. Life With Dorian
  255. Mikey
  256. The Life and Times of Giselle
  257. The New Timon and Pumbaa Show
  258. The Adventures of Iris
  259. The Life and Times of Misty
  260. Brock: Pewter Gym Leader
  261. The Amazing Adventures of Todd Snap
  262. Giselle: Top Student
  263. Sakura: Kimono Girl
  264. Sandra
  265. The New Adventures of Cilan
  266. Out of The Box: The Animated Series
  267. Ash Ketchum: Pokemon Master
  268. The Adventures of The Avengers
  269. The Life and Times of Jeanette Fisher
  270. Zachary Evans
  271. Florinda Showers
  272. The Adventures of Stella
  273. Alex Davis: British Kid
  274. The Life and Times of Cassandra
  275. The Adventures of Vito Winstrate
  276. Franklin and Blossom
  277. Misty: Cerulean Gym Leader
  278. Brianna
  279. A.J.
  280. The New Adventures of The Catillac Cats
  281. Otoshi
  282. Chaz
  283. Alex Davis
  284. Brad Van Darn
  285. Benji: Mountain Patroller
  286. The New Adventures of Team Rocket
  287. The Amazing Adventures of Mikey
  288. Toby: Talented Dance Instructor
  289. Erica
  290. The New Adventures of Mickey Mouse
  291. The Adventures of Kyle Hamm
  292. Zoboomafoo (Pokemon version)
  293. Keegan
  294. The New Tigger Show
  295. Nelson and Andreas
  296. Casey
  297. The Amazing Adventures of Misty
  298. Dawn
  299. Gary and Izzy
  300. Alex and Davis
  301. Misty and Sora
  302. Suzy: Pokemon Breeder
  303. Life With Sandra
  304. May
  305. The Suite Life of Brock
  306. The New Adventures of Florinda Showers
  307. The New Adventures of Aya
  308. Life With Ash
  309. SpongeBob The Square Guy and Friends
  310. Mikey and Cody
  311. Aya and Yolei
  312. Sakura
  313. The Life and Times of Brad Van Darn
  314. Life With Whitney
  315. The Suite Life of Aya
  316. The New Adventures of Jimmy Neutron
  317. The Adventures of Tracey Sketchit
  318. Claire
  319. Tommy's Greatest Adventures
  320. The Life and Times of Todd Snap
  321. The Florinda and Tamao Show
  322. Dorian
  323. Yamcha and Rex
  324. The Keegan Show
  325. Mikey and Sakura
  326. Brad's Greatest Adventures
  327. Ash and Kimiko
  328. The Suite Life of Ephraim
  329. Doug (HB version)
  330. The Brock Show
  331. Shining Time Station (Kimono Sisters version)
  332. Life With Tommy
  333. The Thomas Show
  334. Tai Kamiya
  335. Florinda Showers
  336. Cassandra
  337. The Suite Life of Misty
  338. The New Team Steam Show
  339. Shining Time Station (Kids WB version)
  340. Skyler
  341. Vito Winstrate
  342. The Ash Ketchum Show
  343. Buffy: The Animated Series
  344. The Adventures of Piglet
  345. The New Adventures of Erica
  346. Life With Ephraim
  347. Forrest and Forrester
  348. Toby The Talented Dance Instructor
  349. The New Adventures of Iris
  350. Aya The Ninja Warrior
  351. Sandra's Greatest Adventures
  352. Pokemon With Kimiko and Skeeter
  353. Brock The Pewter Gym Leader
  354. The Lara Laramie Show
  355. The Amazing Adventures of Shining Time Station (Pokemon version)
  356. The New Adventures of Tommy Pickles
  357. Life With Mickey
  358. Ash and Brock
  359. Life With Zachary
  360. Team Rocket
  361. The Adventures of Zak Saturday
  362. Mitchie and Kimiko
  363. Aya
  364. Dorian: Water Trainer
  365. The Amazing Adventures of Brad Van Darn
  366. Life With Mitchie
  367. Lance
  368. Rex Salazar
  369. The Adventures of May
  370. Andreas: Seaking Competitor
  371. Lara: Smart Blue Head
  372. A.J.: Savage Trainer
  373. The Amazing Adventures of Ephraim
  374. Giselle
  375. The Adventures of Doug
  376. Jeanette Fisher
  377. The New Brock Show
  378. Ash and Mary
  379. Skyler and Miley
  380. The Misty Show
  381. Ash and Ritchie
  382. The Suite Life of Tai and Matt
  383. Molly Baker
  384. Shiro
  385. Brock's Greatest Adventures
  386. The Life and Times of Shining Time Station (Pokemon version)
  387. The T.K. Takaishi Show
  388. The Amazing Adventures of Aya
  389. Brock and Shirley
  390. The Marvelous Adventures of Brock
  391. Sago
  392. The Amazing Adventures of Tai Kamiya
  393. The Suite Life of Shining Time Station (Pokemon version)
  394. Marina and Krystal
  395. The Amazing World of Keegan
  396. Life With Jeanette
  397. The Marvelous Adventures of Ephraim
  398. Jake The American Dragon and Friends
  399. The Rita and Sue Show
  400. Todd Snap
  401. The Amazing World of Shining Time Station (Pokemon version)
  402. Shining Time Station (Brock version)
  403. Pokemon Puzzle League: The Series
  404. The New Adventures of Dawn
  405. Chuck: Cianwood Gym Leader
  406. The Kimono Sisters (4Kids Entertainment version)
  407. The Life and Times of May
  408. Ash and A.J.
  409. The Legend of Brock (4Kids Entertainment version)
  410. Misty's Greatest Adventures (4Kids Entertainment version)
  411. The Adventures of Ash Ketchum (4Kids Entertainment version)
  412. The Adventures of Casey (4Kids Entertainment version)
  413. The Life and Times of Aya (4Kids Entertainment version)
  414. The New Adventures of Lara Laramie (4Kids Entertainment version)
  415. Keegan (4Kids Entertainment version)
  416. Brad Van Darn (4Kids Entertainment version)
  417. The Life and Times of Dr. Anna
  418. Zane and Serenity
  419. Whitney's Greatest Adventures (4Kids Entertainment version)
  420. The Suite Life of Brock and Erika
  421. Landis
  422. The Adventures of Erica (4Kids Entertainment version)
  423. The New Adventures of Brianna
  424. Ephraim (4Kids Entertainment version)
  425. The Adventures of T.K. and Kari
  426. Pokemon Puzzle League: The New Generations
  427. The Adventures of Ramona
  428. Mickey's Speedway USA: The Series
  429. The Adventures of Brawly
  430. Roxanne: Rustboro Gym Leader
  431. Ash and Mikey
  432. The Adventures of Ralph (4Kids Entertainment version)
  433. Andreas (4Kids Entertainment version)
  434. Dorian (4Kids Entertainment version)
  435. Pokemon Puzzle League (Disney version)
  436. The New Adventures of Thatcher
  437. The Adventures of Juliet
  438. Life With May (4Kids Entertainment version)
  439. The New Adventures of Zane
  440. The New Adventures of Samurai
  441. The Adventures of Harrison
  442. The Suite Life of Sakura
  443. The Marvelous Adventures of Ash Ketchum
  444. The Adventures of Brock: Pewter Gym Leader
  445. The Adventures of Misty: Cerulean Gym Leader
  446. Wizards of Puzzle League Village
  447. Ash and Andreas
  448. Misty and Whitney
  449. Misty and Sakura
  450. Lara and Aya
  451. Ash and Dorian
  452. Pokemon Puzzle League: The Chronicles
  453. My Life As Ash Ketchum
  454. The Adventures of Thatcher
  455. Keegan and Thatcher
  456. The Amazing World of Ash Ketchum
  457. Max Taylor
  458. Ash and Marina
  459. The Ephraim and Sakura Show
  460. Whitney and Molly
  461. The Amazing World of Pokemon Puzzle League
  462. The Amazing Adventures of Brianna
  463. The Adventures of Florinda Showers (4Kids Entertainment version)
  464. Mickey's Speedway USA (4Kids Entertainment version)
  465. Ash and Tracey
  466. Super Smash Bros
  467. Ash and Benji
  468. The New Adventures of Princess Sara
  469. Ash and Zachary
  470. Ash and Ralph
  471. The Marvelous Adventures of Zane
  472. Super Pokemon Adventures
  473. Toy Story
  474. The Sakura Show
  475. The Amazing World of Pokemon
  476. Ash and Ephraim
  477. Bucky and Benji
  478. Ash and Todd
  479. The Kimono Sisters: The Series
  480. Suzy and Pietra (4Kids Entertainment version)
  481. Ash and Friends
  482. Misty and Aya
  483. The Adventures of Latoya Parker
  484. The Suite Life of Ash and Mitchie
  485. The Life and Times of Lara Laramie
  486. Larry Jones
  487. The Ash and Mitchie Show
  488. Shining Time Station (Pokemon Puzzle League version)
  489. Harry Potter: The Series
  490. Ash and Aya
  491. The Astounding Adventures of Ash Ketchum
  492. Brock and Brad
  493. Ash and Suzy
  494. The May Show
  495. The Groovy Adventures of Ash Ketchum
  496. Brock and Marina
  497. The Adventures of Miguel Santos
  498. The New Ash Ketchum Show
  499. The Astounding Adventures of Brock
  500. Ash and Bucky
  501. Ash and Keegan
  502. Brock and Mizuho
  503. The New Adventures of Miguel Santos
  504. Wallace and Gromit: The Animated Series
  505. The Adventures of The Steamettes
  506. Shaun The Sheep
  507. The New Adventures of Kyle Hamm
  508. Mario Kart: Double Dash
  509. The New Sakura Show
  510. The Brad Van Darn Show
  511. The New Adventures of Brock: Pewter Gym Leader
  512. The Adventures of Ash Ketchum: Pokemon Master
  513. Ash and Shirley
  514. Gary and Zane
  515. The Adventures of Morty
  516. The New Ephraim Show
  517. The Tai Kamiya Show
  518. The Izzy Izumi Show
  519. T.K.'s Greatest Adventures
  520. Star Fox
  521. The New Adventures of Falkner
  522. Brianna and Erica
  523. Ash and Seymour
  524. Earthbound
  525. The Adventures of Flannery
  526. The Adventures of Kagome Higurashi
  527. The Adventures of Mandi
  528. The New Keegan Show
  529. The Mikey Show
  530. Life With Blossom
  531. A.J. (4Kids Entertainment version)
  532. The Adventures of Mikey (4Kids Entertainment version)
  533. Pokemon Puzzle League Adventures
  534. The A.J. Show
  535. Marvel Versus Capcom
  536. The Legend of Brock: Pewter Gym Leader
  537. The New Adventures of Misty: Cerulean Gym Leader
  538. The Legend of Ash Ketchum
  539. The Adventures of Yoshi
  540. Barney The Dinosaur and Friends
  541. Life With Lara Laramie
  542. The Adventures of Sid
  543. Ash and Mitchie Tales
  544. The New Adventures of Flannery
  545. The Adventures of Natasha
  546. Life With Miguel
  547. The New Adventures of Sakura: Kimono Girl
  548. Shining Time Station (Marvel Versus Capcom version)
  549. Super Pokemon Puzzle League
  550. Etrian Odyssey
  551. The New Adventures of Shining Station (Pokemon Puzzle League version)
  552. Ash and Lily
  553. The Adventures of Shining Time Station (Pokemon Puzzle League version)
  554. Misty The Cerulean Gym Leader and Friends
  555. The Suite Life of Shining Time Station (Pokemon Puzzle League version)
  556. Ash and Blast
  557. The Amazing Adventures of Shining Time Station (Pokemon Puzzle League version)
  558. Kevin Whitney
  559. The Brand New Adventures of Shining Time Station (Pokemon Puzzle League version)
  560. Ash and Audrey
  561. Tom and Jerry War of The Whiskers: The Series
  562. The Chronicles of Shining Time Station (Pokemon Puzzle League version)
  563. Digimon Puzzle League
  564. Zak and June
  565. Mitchie and Scott
  566. Curly Gammelthorpe
  567. The Legend of Shining Time Station (Pokemon Puzzle League version)
  568. The Adventures of Jacobo
  569. Ash's Modern Life
  570. Shining Time Station (1997, Pikachufreak's version)
  571. The Adventures of Mitchell
  572. The All New Adventures of Shining Time Station (Pokemon Puzzle League version)
  573. Chaz's Greatest Adventures
  574. The Adventures of Shining Time Station (1998, Pikachufreak's version)
  575. Giselle (4Kids Entertainment version)
  576. Tetris Attack: The Series

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