Pikachufreak's List of Songs is Pikachufreak's idea.

List of Songs

  1.  ??? (covered by Ash Ketchum)
  2. Me and My Teddy (covered by Chelsea Mihara)
  3. That Is His Business (covered by Mitchie O'Hara, Amethyst Giger and their friends)
  4. Two Perfect Girls (covered by Brock)
  5.  ??? (covered by Tai Kamiya)
  6. I Turn Around (covered by Matt Ishida)
  7.  ??? (covered by Serena Tsukino)
  8. On Starry Night (covered by Raye Hino)
  9. Ex's and Oh's (covered by Malinda Doe)
  10. Breakaway (covered by Mel Szyslak)
  11. Shake It Off (covered by Sam Simpson with Clover and Alex as the backup singers)
  12.  ??? (covered by Sakura Avalon)
  13. Born This Way (covered by Nikki Carson)
  14. Rich Girl (covered by Rita Langley)
  15.  ??? (covered by Kassie Carlen with Prudence and Penny as the backup singers)
  16.  Rock This Town (covered by The Ninja Turtles)
  17.  ??? (covered by Alicia Parker)
  18.  ??? (covered by Emily Anderson)
  19.  ??? (covered by Lily Parker)
  20.  ??? (covered by Chloe Rose)

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