Pikachufreak's Shining Time Station Season 4 Episodes is a fan-fiction thing to make. It was aired on September 8, 1997.


Episode 1: When Passengers Fly

Episode 2: Trap As Trap Can

Episode 3: Schemer Meets His Monster

Episode 4: One Difficult Decision

Episode 5: A Visit From Stacy

Episode 6: Shoeless

Episode 7: Lights, Camera, Music

Episode 8: The Science Pair

Episode 9: Doll House

Episode 10: Nobody Cares About Me

Episode 11: A Call For Rescue

Episode 12: The Return of Sister Conductor

Episode 13: The World's Most Famous Magician

Episode 14: Boys' Most Wanted

Episode 15: Becky's Special Delivery

Episode 16: The Way of The Tribe

Episode 17: A Dramatic Impact

Episode 18: Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle

Episode 19: A Lone Ranger

Episode 20: Am I Seeing What?

Episode 21: The Christmas Spirit

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