Pikachufreak's Shining Time Station VHS/DVD ideas (with episodes seen on Playhouse Disney and Disney Junior) is a fan-fiction thing to make. It resumes on February 10, 1998. Distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment (later LionsGate Entertainment and Universal Studios Home Entertainment).

A New Beginning



Opening Previews

Closing Previews

Front Cover

Back Cover

House Calls



Opening Previews

Closing Previews

Front Cover

Back Cover

Another Typical Day

A Royal Welcome

Beyond The Control

The Buzz On Zoe

Library Mayhem

Spooks and Surprises


Spending The Day

A Smell For Success

Wedding Day Blues

Magic Beyond

The Mark of Scooby

Just Me

Things That Go Doink! In The Night

Dexter Detention

The Greatest Balloonatics

Never Get Fired

Much Ado About Music

Together At Long Last

The Show Must Go On

The Revenge of The Conductors' Evil Twins

Not The Ticket

Ready For Action

Hot On The Trail

Best Friends Forever

The Secret About The Book

A Cat's Life

The Amusement Park

Krystal's Visit

Just The Perfect Choice

Pirates of The Station

Tutu Treachery

The History In The Making

The Youth Organization

To Prove This Spot

Tame This

To Learn A Valuable Idea

Miners Underground

Just The Right Spot For Recess

Full of Life

To Be A True Hero

Just What I Need For Breakfast

Back To Where It All Started

An Important Book

Richie's True Story

Crimes In Need

Accepting The Offers

The Early Life

Another Ga-Hooga!

A Spooky Halloween To Remember

A Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

Patience Is A Virtue

Across The Universe

A Good Old Guitar Performance

My Fair Anika

Being An Adorable Girl

Sister Day

Photos and Portraits

Just In Time

Extreme Heights

Getting A Hang of It

Micro Monsters

Super Hero Worship

Just Plain Worse

Another New Day

Spectacular Talent Shows

Mikey and Kimiko's Wedding

Endless Athlethes

Life With Boys

Track and Field

Love, Showers Style

A Tale To Discover

Hang In There, Zachary

For The Victor

Much Ado About Juggling

The Chan Conspiracy

Download Troubles

Working It Out Like The Old Times

Tower Prep

In Our Midst

Where's The Lights?

Not The Right Positions



Crime Search

You're Voted

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