Pikachufreak's Thomas & Friends Videography (based on STS and TNAOSTS) is an idea on how to make Thomas videos based on Shining Time Station and its sequel The New Adventures of Shining Time Station. It happens from Percy Takes The Plunge & Other Stories until Special Attraction & Other Thomas Adventures.

Percy Takes The Plunge & Other Stories (September 10, 1991)


  1. Percy Takes The Plunge
  2. Percy's Ghostly Trick
  3. Woolly Bear
  4. Saved From Scrap
  5. A New Friend For Thomas
  6. Terence The Tractor (Strand VCI Entertainment version)
  7. Thomas' Christmas Party
  8. Thomas and The Missing Christmas Tree (Strand Home Video version)


  • Narrated by Ringo Starr.
  • Release Date: September 10, 1991.
  • Distributed by Strand VCI Entertainment.

Diesel's Devious Deed & Other Stories (February 27, 1992)


  1. Percy's Ghostly Trick
  2. Thomas, Percy and The Dragon
  3. Diesel's Devious Deed
  4. No Joke For James
  5. Old Iron
  6. Edward's Exploit
  7. Double Trouble


  • Narrated by George Carlin.
  • Release Date: February 27, 1992.
  • Distributed by Strand VCI Entertainment.

Gordon and The Famous Visitor & Other Stories (August 20, 1992)

Percy Proves A Point & Other Stories (October 8, 1992)

Henry's Forest & Other Stories (February 18, 1993)

Thomas, Percy and The Mail Train & Other Stories (August 26, 1993)

All At Sea & Other Thomas Stories (October 6, 1993)

Thomas and Percy's Mountain Adventure & Other Thomas Stories (February 23, 1994)

Escape! & Other Thomas Stories (August 24, 1994)

Henry To The Rescue & Other Thomas Stories (September 12, 1994)

Time For Trouble & Other Thomas Stories (February 21, 1995)

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