Pikachufreak's Thomas US VHS Preview ideas is a fan-fiction thing to make. It features scripts.

Seasonal Scrapes Vol.1 and Vol.2

  • Announcer: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter are the most four seasons you never want to see.
  • Henry: Peep! Peep!
  • Announcer: Now you can be part of the four seasons, too. In this ever popular video for everybody: Seasonal Scrapes Vol.1 and Vol.2.
  • Percy: I want a scarf! I want a scarf!
  • Henry: Rubbish, Percy. Engines don't wear scarves.
  • Announcer: 17 episodes on two volumes. You don't wanna miss the exciting adventures of Thomas, Percy, James and all of your favorite friends on Sodor.
  • (Thomas's whistle blows)
  • Gordon: Dirty or clean, i'm a famous machine!
  • Henry's Driver: All clear, Henry. Away we go!
  • Announcer: Don't miss Seasonal Scrapes Vol.1 and Vol.2. Now available on Home Video from Video Treasures. And you can collect other Thomas videos you want. Whenever videos are sold.

Troublesome Trucks Troubles

  • Announcer: Join Thomas the Tank Engine and all of his friends in their newest video, TROUBLESOME TRUCKS TROUBLES! Narrated by George Carlin and Alec Baldwin! Watch and Thomas and his friends as some troublesome trucks try to cause trouble to them, but the engines are determined to beat them at their own games. Find out what happens in TROUBLESOME TRUCKS TROUBLES! Now available on Home Video from Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Dockside Adventures

  • Announcer: Get ready for loads of fun at the docks as your favorite engines from Sodor take you on some exaiting adventures in DOCKSIDE ADVENTURES! Featuring a lot of your favorite adventures that happen at the docks. Join Thomas, Percy, James, Cranky and all their friends as they learn about friendship and helping out! THOMAS & FRIENDS: DOCKSIDE ADVENTURES! Starring George Carlin, Alec Baldwin and Michael Brandon. Available now on Home Video. Only from Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Sir Topham Hatt's Best Adventures

  • Announcer: Hop on board for Thomas and Friends' newest video, SIR TOPHAM HATT'S BEST ADVENTURES! Watch Sir Topham Hatt at his favorite adventures that he wants to share with you. Sir Topham Hatt thinks its really useful and so do the engines. Thomas and Friends in SIR TOPHAM HATT'S BEST ADVENTURES! With storytellers, George Carlin, Alec Baldwin and Michael Brandon. Now available on Home Video.

Thomas and Friends VHS/DVD Collection (2009)

Roadway Friends and Enemies

Fun Time Favorites

Peep Peep Party

Truck Loads of Fun

The Very Best of Thomas and Friends Vol.1 and Vol.2

Thomas' Christmas Adventures

Adventures From The Wharf

Little Engines, Big Day Out

Thomas and The Colors

Special Attractions

Thomas and The Spaceship

Diesel Engines

Thomas and The Big Bang

Play Time With Thomas

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