Pikachufreak's Thomas VHS Summary ideas is a fan-fiction thing to make.

Thomas Saves The Day and Other Stories


Thomas Goes Fishing and Other Stories

Whistles and Sneezes and Other Thomas Stories

Saved From Scrap and Other Thomas Stories

The Runaway and Other Thomas Stories

Edward's Exploit and Other Thomas Stories

A Scarf For Percy and Other Thomas Stories

Mavis and Other Thomas Stories

Escape and Other Thomas Stories

Thomas and The Conductor and Other Stories

  • PEEP! PEEP! Join into adventure with all your friends on Sodor. First, Thomas went away so quickly that he left the conductor behind. Then, Thomas meets Bertie and challenges him to a race. Finally, Bill and Ben get some tricks when they see their cars gone by BoCo. Hop on board for every exciting adventure with Thomas and all of his friends.

Diesel Does It Again and Other Thomas Stories

  • PEEP! PEEP! Everything is feeling the same way as you do. First, Diesel returns to cause up some trouble for Percy and Duck. Then, Bill and Ben come face to face against each other. Finally, Percy comes to save James from a sticky situation. Hop on board for every adventure as you join Thomas, Percy, James and the rest of your friends on the Island of Sodor.

Terence The Tractor and Other Thomas Stories

Donald's Duck and Other Thomas Stories

Granpuff and Other Thomas Stories

Thomas and Stepney and Other Stories

Double Trouble and Other Thomas Stories

Heroes and Other Thomas Stories

Your Favorite Story Collection

Story and Song Collection

The Biggest Ever Christmas Collection Vol.1

The Biggest Ever Christmas Collection Vol.2

Stories, Sing-Along-Songs and Things To Make and Do

My Little Mini Video

My Little Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends Video

Chases, Races and Runaways Vol.1

Chases, Races and Runaways Vol.2

Biggest Party Video Ever Vol.1

Biggest Party Video Ever Vol.2

Spooks and Surprises

Happy Holidays

Rescues On The Railways

Thomas and His Friends To The Rescue

Fun Time Favorites

Peep Peep Party

Truck Loads of Fun

Thomas and Percy Adventures

Thomas and Bertie's Favorite Stories

Seasonal Scrapes Vol.1

Seasonal Scrapes Vol.2

Sodor Adventures For Thomas and His Friends

Thomas and Toby Adventures

The Very Best of Thomas and Friends Vol.1

The Very Best of Thomas and Friends Vol.2

Thomas and The Royal Visitor

The Fogman and Other Thomas Stories

5 Episode Video

The World's Strongest Engine and Other Thomas Adventures

  • PEEP! PEEP! Hop on board for every excitement on the island of sodor. First, Diesel tries to show the freight cars off with strength. But, it backfires. Then, Percy and James are tricked at being piggies in the middle. Finally, Thomas has to collect a jet engine from the docks in which Cranky knocks the switch making Thomas go too fast. All aboard for every adventure with Thomas and all of your friends on the Island of Sodor.

Brave Little Engines

  • PEEP! PEEP! Little engines like Thomas can do really big things on Sodor. First, Percy has a fright about the scary gnomes that live in the mine. Then, Toby helps Farmer McColl save the lambs. Finally, Rusty tries to help Sir Topham Hatt when Skarloey and Rheneas' lines are closed for repairs. So join Thomas, Percy, Toby and the rest of your friends for the exciting adventures on the Island of Sodor.

Tank Engine Stories

Best of Henry

  • Who's green and big? It's Henry the Green Engine. Join him as he goes for some of his favorite adventures in 9 episodes of usefulness. First, Henry came into a tunnel and refuses to get out. So, Sir Topham Hatt bricked him up. Next, Henry has to take a train called The Flying Kipper and has an accident. Then, Henry tries to save the forest after a storm destroys it. Finally, Henry gets scared of ghosts. But not Old Bailey. So join Henry, our number 3 green engine, in his greatest adventures on the Island of Sodor.

Happy Little Helpers

  • PEEP! PEEP! New friends are coming to the Island of Sodor in these 8 popular adventures of fun. First, Thomas wants to get a medal. But, he has to beat Bertie. Then, James is sent to collect the Queen of Sodor. Finally, Emily is new to the island and saves Oliver from an accident. Join Thomas, Percy, James, Henry and all your friends for the exciting adventures of Happy Little Helpers.

Christmas Collection: 5 Festive Episodes

Engines To The Rescue

  • PEEP! PEEP! Thomas has so many times to remember when he and the other engines have new friends to meet. First, Gordon met Spencer, the fastest engine on Sodor who got stuck on the hill. Then Skarloey tries to save Sir Topham Hatt when the balloon takes him and Lady Hatt away. Finally, Thomas had a fishy situation. So hop on board and join the fun with Thomas, Percy, James, Gordon and the rest of your friends for the exciting adventures of Engines To The Rescue.

Pulling Together

  • PEEP! PEEP! Hop on board for more fun and more excitement on the Island of Sodor. First, Skarloey gets scared of going to the bridge. But, he saves Rheneas. Then, meet Fergus, a traction engine who knows the rules and obeys them. Finally, Duncan is sent to collect the elephant statue. But, goes out of control. Join Thomas, Percy, Emily, James and the rest of your friends for the exciting adventures of Pulling Together!

Bumper Party Collection

Tender Engine Escapades

Thomas' Christmas Adventures

Thomas' Sodor Stories

Narrow Gauge Adventures

Roadway Friends and Enemies

  • PEEP! PEEP! Let's go meet Thomas' friends and enemies who travel on road. Friends like Bertie the Bus, Caroline the Car, Elizabeth the Vintage Quarry Truck and Tom Tipper the Postman. And enemies like George the Steamroller, The Horrid Lorries and Bulgy the Double-Decker Bus, who later becames a friend. See what happens when Caroline and some players chase after Stepney the Bluebell Engine. Meanwhile, Percy tries to help Tom Tipper when his Post Van gets taken away. And find out how Thomas finds Elizabeth and how she knows Sir Topham Hatt. Get your tickets stamped and climb on board for lots of fun with all of your roadway friends and enemies.

Troublesome Trucks Troubles

  • Oh Dear! It's the troublesome trucks and they're up to they're old tricks on this fun filled video! Watch the Troublesome Trucks as they sing songs about Percy, break away from the incline and cause an avalanche, tease Diesel, push James off the line and many of troublesome deeds. Get your tickets ready and hop on board from non-stop excitement!

Thomas' Nighttime Adventures

Dockside Adventures

  • PEEP! PEEP! Ahoy me hearties! You are invited to join Thomas, Salty, Bill and Ben, and other friends to relive the adventures at Brendam Docks. That's the place to be! See how Salty rescues Fergus and Fergus fixes the generator for the lighthouse, and what happens when Percy get into an accident with some freight cars. You're up for a wild ride with an incident with the jet engine, which makes Thomas go really, really fast, even faster than Gordon. So hop on board and enjoy working at the docks, because it's where we want to be!

Sir Topham Hatt's Best Adventures

  • PEEP! PEEP! Meet Sir Topham Hatt. He's the head controller of his own railway and he's got some great adventures to share with you. Come along as he and the foreman search for Oliver the GWR engine, and watch what happens when unexpected things happen when Sir Topham Hatt tries to make his wife's birthday special. Meet Elizabeth, the vintage lorry truck, Sir Topham Hatt's first truck that he drove. These great adventures prove engines can be really useful.

Troublesome Twins

  • PEEP! PEEP! Meet Bill and Ben, the tank engine twins who cause mischief together, and shunt freight cars together. Together, they find out who "magicked away" their freight cars, where they meet BoCo, and Bill complains about Ben's new buffers, and tries not to think about it! Watch what happens when the twins don't need Fergus the Traction Engine's warnings. Every cloud has a silver lining, so climb aboard with our favorite troublesome tank engine twins.

The Scottish Twin Engines

Thomas and The Shooting Star and Other Adventures

The Great Western Engines

Special Attractions

  • PEEP! PEEP! Next stop: excitement and fun-filled adventures with Thomas, James, Toby and all of your other favorites. There, you'll visit tons of fun places such as the carnival, the carousel, the seaside, as well as seeing some amazing attractions such as the red balloon. Watch as Bertie gets stuck in the mud and Trevor and Terence help him out, and learn from Duncan's mistake that carelessness can get you nowhere. Also, come along as Percy is on a mission: finding something old, new, borrowed and blue for Sir Topham Hatt's wedding party. So get ready to hop on board and enjoy the summer and the special attractions with Thomas.

Don't Be Silly, Billy and Other Thomas Adventures

Emily and The Special Cars and Other Thomas Adventures

Diesel Engines

Thomas and The Lighthouse and Other Adventures

On Track For Adventures

Thomas' Scariest Tales

  • PEEP! PEEP! Happy Halloween! Let's trick or treat as we join Thomas, Percy, Henry and all of your other favorites as they tell you their scariest adventures ever told. See how Percy plays a trick on Thomas when he crashes onto a broken cart of lime, and solve a mystery with Henry as he finds out his so-called "ghost". Listen to Kelly the Crane's ghost story and watch what happens when the troublesome loaders, Max and Monty take his story about the "one-eyed truck" too literally. Climb aboard and have a Happy Halloween with Thomas and all of his friends. BOO!

Thomas' Runaway Adventures

Percy Takes The Plunge and Other Thomas Stories

Diesel's Devious Deed and Other Thomas Stories

Gordon and The Famous Visitor and Other Thomas Stories

Percy Proves A Point and Other Thomas Stories

Henry's Forest and Other Thomas Stories

Thomas, Percy and The Mail Train and Other Stories

All At Sea and Other Thomas Stories

Thomas and Percy's Mountain Adventure and Other Stories

Tender Engines and Other Thomas Stories

Henry To The Rescue and Other Thomas Stories

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