Pikapika is the founder of both Pikapika sites.

Pikapika (a.k.a "Shateon" at some sites), first wanted to be a compeditor against Gamefaqs, the #1 game website in the world. He named it CKGames, which at that time he didn't know that the host site he was using at that time, Freewebs, was crappy enough!

So he converted it to a Pikachu Shrine. Which he found out had too many viruses and gave himself a Trojan Horse.

He later transfered it to a better site that gave him more posabilities, which his dad was already using.

He later made a forum, temporarily abandoning the Den. He then recruited his best friend to be co-admin, Pokedude94 (a.k.a "Kajon" at some sites) and made few members.

(More info to come, stay tuned!)

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