(Andy is reading the funnies)
Sonic: What are you reading Andy?
Andy: Peanuts.
Sonic: Hmm, I never heard of them, what are they?
Andy: It’s a comic strip that appears in the newspaper…….
(A large grin appears on Andy’s face)
(Cut to the park where Andy is holding a football)
Andy: sonic, I bet you can’t kick this football!
Sonic: I bet I can!
(Sonic runs, and as he throws out his leg to kick it, Andy pulls it away, and Sonic falls on his back) Andy: Just call me Lucy! Whoo!

End of Teaser:

(Tails walks into his house)
Cosmo: Hi honey!
Tails: Hi Cosmo! Guess what I got you for an early Christmas present?
(Lays a lap dog next to Cosmo)
Cosmo: Thanks sweetie, I always wanted a dog!
(biting sound)
Cosmo: ow! It bit me!
(Tails holds out his finger to the dog, and it bites it)
Tails: Ow!
Cosmo: I don’t want a dog that will keep biting everyone!
[[Tails: Don’t worry honey, I’ll get rid of the dog.
(Cut to Ford Motor Company offices, where Andy and sonic work)
(Bill Ford Jr walks into an engineering room where Andy and sonic are)
Bill: Hey, I got two tickets to the Lions game this Christmas eve, but I am not sure who I want to take. If you want to go, I guess I can take you.
Sonic: I’ll go
Andy: I’ll go!
Bill: Hmm, I guess I will have to deciede which one of you I have to take…
(Cut to Tails kitchen where he walkes in with a bottle of pills)
Cosmo: What are those?
Tails: These are prescription sleeping pills . I simply told my doctor that I haven’t slept in a month, things weren’t going well with the wife, I may lose my job and we will have to move out into a box on the freeway…..But don’t you worry honey, those are just lies I told to get prescription drugs. We will simply just put these into the dog’s food, he will eat them, fall asleep, and then we will drive him out to the slum for him to get killed and eaten by savages.
(Cut to a half an hour later)
(Sonic is asleep on the kitchen floor)
Tails: I knew that I shouldn’t have put that food on a plate.
(Cut to Bill’s office)
Andy: Merry Christmas Bill.
(hands him a package)
Bill: What is it?
Andy: Season one of House on DVD.
Bill: Thanks!
Sonic: HEY! He simply stole that out of the trunk of my car!
Andy: Did not!
Sonic: Did to!
Andy: We’ll see who gets those tickets, without the childish insults.


(Andy hands Bill a cake that says “Happy Wednesday Bill” Bill blows out the candles, and sonic hands him a CD he shoplifted)
(Andy walks into Bill’s office with a cart of gourmet Coffee, letting Bill take his pick)
(Andy and sonic are dancing around like morons in Bills office while he holds up the tickets)
(Bill is reading a magazine. Sonic is holding up one half, Andy the other half)
Bill: Turn.
(Andy turns the page)

End of montage:

(Cut to Tails house)
(Tails notices some cereal on the kitchen floor)
(He opens up the broom closet, and that dog jumps out at him, barking. Tails runs out of the house, into the street, and down the middle of the street, screaming, with the dog chasing him. A large dog joins in the chase)
(Cut to Bills office)
Bill: Guys, the tickets are no longer available. It turns out that Joe wanted the tickets, and he offered me two hundred dollars for them, so I gave them to him. Sorry if I bum you out.
(Cut to when work is over)
(Bill walks out of the building, and to his car. Sonic and Andy are standing in front of his car, Sonic is holding a noose and Andy is holding a baseball bat)
Bill: My, I didn’t know that it’s Baseball season.
(Cut to hospital)
(Tails is in a bed in many casts)
Sonic: I have to admit, you were about to lose the dog until that pickup truck hit you.
(Sonic walks back into the waiting room, where Andy and Cosmo are also sitting)
(All three were playing Truth or Dare)
Andy: Alright, Sonic, Truth or Dare?
Sonic: Truth.
Andy: Tell us a secret you have been keeping from us.
Sonic: I have a toonophile crush on Lucy from Peanuts.
(Andy and Cosmo start staring at him)
(Back in the patient room)
(Bill Ford Jr is in the bed across the room, in a couple fo casts from Sonic and Andy beat him up)
Bill: Merry Christmas Tails.
Tails: Merry Christmas Bill.

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