In a feature length pilot episode, an unhapopy Ibi eats christians in the colliseum. A cunning slave, by the name of Abi helps Ibi escape. Ater escaping , Ibi must repay Abi. Ibi thinks it a satisfactory repayment simply "not to eat you now, but perhaps later when I'm a tad more peckish", and the two part ways. Ibi, returing later to Abi for his "midafternoon snack" sees Abi being beaten by a cruel master. Ibi, saddened by this cruelty, eats the master instead, and Ibi and Abi become good friends. Ibi, however, wants to go back to his homeland, in North Africa. Ibi comes back to find all the other lions gone, and a sparrow had burrowed in his paw (see most asked questions). Ebo, having deserted the army in the midst of the punic wars, found Ibi, and nursed him back to health. As Ibi's strength came back to him, Ebo described his plans for "educational adventures with the T.A.R.M.O.S", in what could only be a desperate and blatant attempt to lay the foundations for the series. Ibi decides to join him, liking the idea of meeting and eating a new character from history every day.

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