Pilot League is a series of short stories featuring Hudzon la Bateleur, a pilot who can do stunts with his aeroplane and is a philosopher. His best friend is a young boy named Kippy, who was orphaned and adopted by Hackers until he joined Hudzon in a bid for freedom.

The plots mainly revolve on the League's members' lives and their attempts to free people from the bad effects of a misleading religion named Topsy Turvy by Adeline Dragon.

The tagline is "The legends must rise once more, the battle of the Ancients and the Moderns has begun."


Major male characters.

Hudzon la Bateleur.


Pharaoh Ripplebeam/Agostino Matthias.

Doc Leon/Steve Dragon.

Evan Sharpe.

Seemor Karnak. (Hacker leader.)

Major female characters.


Adeline Dragon.

Taralen Smoyer.

Rusty (Flamer)

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