Pinewood Middle School opening/closing is Pikachufreak's idea. This is the opening and closing titles to Disney XD's Pinewood Middle School, the series made from October 5, 2013 until May 28, 2016.


  • Set to the song Here With Me Now by Clique Girlz, the opening shows Sophia Winterford's everyday life, from leaving her family's house after waking up in the morning to going to Pinewood Middle School to meet her friends, foes and more. After that, the Pinewood Middle School logo appears, with the "Created by Chris Prynoski" text at the bottom and the Disney word at the top.


  • In the style of Pair of Kings and Lab Rats, and set to Up by Joy Williams, we show still shots from today's episode while the end credits roll. After they stop at a Copyright notice on the final still shot, we get to see the Titmouse Inc. logo that has a bird chirping and the zooming out to show the company's logo, the Stretch Films Inc. logo that has the mouth laughing in a high pitched British tone, and finally the Disney XD Original logo with a short guitar riff and a man saying YES!.

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