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Pingu is an award-winning British-Swiss Stop Motion Claymated Television series by Otmar Gutmann and Nick Park. The Series is produced by The Pygos Group, Lyrick Studios, Trickfilmstudio and Aardman Animations Swiss and British Television and centers on a family of anthropomorphic penguins living at the South Pole. The main character is the family's son and title character, Pingu.

The show is on the air since May 28, 1986 on SF DRS and BBC.

To this day, Pingu becomes one of the most famous Children's Television Shows in the world.


The Program is set in Antarctica and centers around penguin families who live and work in igloos. The main character, Pingu, belongs to one such family. He frequently goes on adventures with his little sister, Pinga and often gets into mischief with his best friend, Robby the Seal.

One reason for Pingu's international success is its lack of real spoken language: nearly all dialogue is in an invented "penguin language" consisting of babbling, muttering and sporadic loud honking nouses. This is intially retroscripted by Carlo Bonomi, who created all the sound effects for the series. This feature allows people of different linguistic backgrounds to be able to follow the story.


These are some of the characters appearing in Pingu.

Pingu's family

  • Pingu is the main character of the series, a typically playful, curious little boy penguin. He is strong-willed and prone to occasional tantrums; when he gets excited, angry or wants attention, he makes a loud squawking noise.
  • Pinga is Pingu's younger sister, who first appears in the episode "The New Arrival". She resembles an emperor penguin chick, as do other very young penguins throughout the show.
  • Mother and Father are Pingu and Pinga's parents; their actual names are not revealed. Father is a postman who smokes a pipe in early episodes, but quits later. He has has a motorized sledge to deliver the mail, sometimes with help from Pingu. Mother is a housewife who spends most of her time cooking and cleaning. Mother sometimes gets help from Pingu and Pinga and she always gives them a cuddle when they have learned a lesson.
  • Grandmother and Grandfather are Pingu and Pinga's parental grandparents, who first appeared in the episode "Music Lessons". Grandfather is an expert accordionist, as he demonstrates to Pingu in that episode. Grandmother is a storyteller and she tells such brilliant stories of her own as well as fairytales.

Pingu's friends

  • Robby is a bluish-grey seal. His name resembles the German word for seal, Robbe. He first appeared in the episode "Pingu Goes Fishing".
  • Pingo is a somewhat foolhardy penguin. He has a long beak that is essentially flat at the bottom but slightly rounded on the top and a head that is wider and taller. He often persuades Pingu to do wild and silly things with him.
  • Pingg is Pingu's other penguin friend. He also has a long beak, but a shorter head than Pingo
  • Pongi is a penguin who wears glasses and has a short round beak. He first appeared in the episode "Ice Hockey".
  • Pengy is a penguin very similar to Adeile Penguins, who first appeared in "Pingu Goes to School".
  • Penge is a green penguin who speaks with an accent that seems to be typical of his race. He first appeared in Pingu at the Wedding Party.
  • Punki is a penguin who first appeared in the episode "Pingu Delivers the Mail". He has a tuft on his head and wears striped trousers.
  • Pingi is Pingu's girlfriend and Pinga's best friend. She has thick, white eyelashes and a somewhat mushed beak. She first appeared in the episode "Pingu's Admirer".
  • Pinge is Pingu's other penguin friend. He is a creative and very smart penguin who invents elaborate inventions.

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Attention niels epting WARNING: You may add parodies. But, do NOT delete any. Complete parodies list

  1. Pingu/Thomas
  2. Pingu/TUGS
  3. Pingu/Garfield
  4. Pingu/Sonic
  5. Pingu/Sonic X
  6. Pingu/Mario
  7. Pingu/Mamma Mia!
  8. Pingu/Phineas and Ferb
  9. Pingu/Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy
  10. Pingu/Bolt
  11. Pingu/The Lion King
  12. Pingu/Winnie the Pooh
  13. Pingu/The Wind in the Willows
  14. Pingu/The Jungle Book
  15. Pingu/A Bug's Life
  16. Pingu/Wallace and Gromit

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