Pingu/Sonic is a parody with Sonic the Hedgehog sounds and Pingu clips.


  • Pingu as Sonic (DON'T EDIT THIS!)
  • Robby as Tails
  • Pingu's Mom as Rouge
  • Pingi as Sally (DON'T EDIT THIS!)
  • Pingg as Knuckles
  • Pingu's Grandfather as Uncle Chuck
  • Leapord Seal as Dr. Robotnik
  • The Two Baby Penguins as Scratch and Grounder
  • Hockey Player 1 as Snively
  • Grumpy Penguin as Coconuts
  • Hookey Players 2 and 3 as SWATbots
  • Pinga as Amy
  • Pongi as Mr. Tanaka
  • The School Master as Sally's Dad
  • The Mayor as Mr. Steward
  • The Doctor as Ari
  • Punki as Griff
  • The Tooth Fairy as Cream
  • Annie/Clarabel (from TTTE) as Breezie
  • A Friend as Rocket
  • Bajoo as Big
  • Zorron (from TUGS) as Sleet
  • Zip (from TUGS) as Dingo
  • Pingu with Green Skin as Lucas
  • Pingg with Black Skin as Mighty
  • Pingg as Espio
  • A Grumpy Penguin as Shadow
  • Pingu's Dad as Vector
  • Pingu's second friend as Charmy
  • An Old Granny Hating Penguin as Rouge
  • Hector (from TTTE) as Robotnik Jr.
  • George (from TTTE) as Professor Gerald Robotnik
  • Stranger 1 as Bocoe
  • Stranger 2 as Decoe
  • Metal Sonic as himself
  • Nursery Teacher as Sally's Mom
  • Bokkun as Himself
  • Mephiles as Himself

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