Pink Floyd Extravaganza is the first-ever Alexvision Movie to not be Fan Made. Instead of the Movie being Fan Made, it's gonna be a Cartoon Movie with my Drawings. Instead of it being a moving Cartoon, it's gonna be Storyboards because Storyboards is the best i can do. It will have Songs from "The Wall", "The Dark Side Of The Moon" and "The Final Cut".

List of Songs (in order):

  1. When The Tigers Broke Free
  2. Speak To Me
  3. Breathe (In The Air)
  4. Money
  5. In The Flesh?
  6. Another Brick In The Wall
  7. Goodbye Blue Sky
  8. Is There Anobody Out There?
  9. Comfortably Numb
  10. In The Flesh
  11. Run Like Hell
  12. Waiting For The Worms
  13. Stop
  14. The Trial
  15. Outside The Wall

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