The Pink Jungle is a jungle in Vovatra.


The Pink Jungle is bordered on the west by the V Plains, on the south by the Spice Forest, on the southeast by the Southern Plains, and on the east by a narrow strip of the Vovatra Ocean. Its entire north side runs up on the M Range of mountains.


The Pink Jungle exists in the rain shadow of the M Range. Summer monsoons that sweep up across the Nevasoy Forest are broken up and forced to dump their rains on the Pink Jungle, and are prevented from crossing the range. Therefore, to the north of the range lies some of the most arid part of the M Plains, even though only a few miles to the south is a rich tropical jungle.

Human Geography and Economics

There are no major cities in the jungle, but there are a number of small towns. Rubia lies in the west, and is the center of the gem industry; Koala in the south was a Duem-mining town and is now a tiny village, and Silvia in the east is the center of the silk and textile industry, and is the largest town in the region.

Along a stream in the heart of the jungle is the Pink Palace, a large castle that is one of the two meeting locations of parliament (the other being Government House in M City).


The Pink Jungle has a number of parties present in it, including the V List, Motherland Mobilization, Split Dominion, Socialist Party, Party of Social Nationalism and Power Party.

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